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  1. Sashoke

    Pest/Disease ID?

    Noticed the newest leaf on my N. hamata x spectabilis was sort of deformed and had a rust stripe down the center of the leaf, none of its previous leaves are experiencing this and none of the other plants in my collection seem to have it either. Any idea what it might be and how I should go...
  2. Sashoke

    Are these spider mite webs?

    Woke up this morning and noticed the sun was shining on something funny looking on the lower leaves of my N. hamata x spectabilis, took a closer look and found chaotic webs on two leaves. Are these spider mites? As far as I know these webs have not been here for long, and the plant...
  3. Sashoke

    Nepenthes and mold issues with pebble trays?

    Im planning on building a big 8 foot long L shaped shelf that slips right into my windowsills to facilitate all my plants, and Im still in the designing phase. One idea I've been kicking around is the entire surface of the shelf is a huge pebble tray of river rocks with a plastic liner...
  4. Sashoke

    Turface and APS?

    I am trying to find a replacement for Perlite because in my experience it just seems overpriced for the product I get. I am always getting small pieces, half the bags always dust and after a year or so all of the perlite in my mixes collects together so its not even really serving its purpose...
  5. Sashoke

    Looking For (trade) Male Nepenthes hamata x spathulata flowering, pollen available, looking for female!

    My male N. hamata x spathulata is in bloom again and Id like to make use of its pollen :) If anybody has some females in bloom who need pollen PM me your details! I will mail pollen in a folded piece of wax paper. My only request is I get some of the seeds if the flower is successful.
  6. Sashoke

    What is the proper pronunciation of N. "aristolochioides"?

    This one has always given me trouble. ???
  7. Sashoke

    Was it ever established if N. ventricosa "Madja-as" is truly ventricosa?

    I recall a couple years ago there being some amount of controversy around N. ventricosa "Madja-as" and whether or not it even was truly a ventricosa, there were some opinions it was a variant of N. burkei rather and everyone was misidentifying it. I haven't seen any resolution to this, and...
  8. Sashoke

    Orthene application instructions?

    Howdy everyone! So my can of Orthene showed up a week early, no complaints here, and the instructions it came with are a bit vague so I just want to make sure Ive got everything right before I begin applying it, Im hoping someone here who is experienced with it can help me out here. This is...
  9. Sashoke

    Three plants in my collection are suddenly having their leaves turn brown?

    I posted a week or so ago that my N. burkei had some sudden and unusual brown leaf on its new growth, I was worried it might be pests but the leaf simply died off and it grew normally since then. Well I thought little of it until today when I noticed three more of my plants have the burned and...
  10. Sashoke

    Would these LED bulbs be sufficient to supplement my windowsill garden?

    Hello! Since moving to a new house my large collection of nepenthes and a few drosera havent been getting as much sunlight as they used to, my new south and west facing window setup has a tree nearby that gives off shade during certain times of day. My plants have definitely noticed and a have...
  11. Sashoke

    More like Venus Moletrap!

    So I planted this VFT in an empty pill bottle container out of laziness and have essentially neglected it for a year or so. Today I noticed a 2nd plant has grown completely under the soil because the clear container is letting enough light through for it to survive. Thought this was bizarre...
  12. Sashoke

    N. burkei sickly brown color on new growth?

    Today I noticed the new leaf on my N. burkei, which hasnt even unfurled yet, is a sickly brown shade... The plant has seemed otherwise healthy and none of my other plants are exhibiting this. I dont believe it could be pests because I grow indoors and havent introduced any new plants in years...
  13. Sashoke

    A grand feast!

    Noticed one of my N. ventricosa x (thorelii x aristolochioides) looked funny, so I took a closer look... Its interesting to note the amount of "drool" these pitchers have been producing, note the ants are congregating midway and further down on the pitcher body, thats because the entire...
  14. Sashoke

    N. spathulata x hamata pollen for 50/50 split on seeds

    Hello! I have a male N. spathulata x hamata that has just put up a flower spike, the flower is just forming so its not ready to be collected yet, but as soon as it is Id like to get it traded out ASAP, so Im hoping someone has a female plant in bloom! I dont really care about species/hybrid, I...
  15. Sashoke

    Anyone know whats wrong with my N. burkei?

    A few months ago when I moved house I noticed my N. burkei had browning on the base of its leaves, well now a month after I discovered it, the browning has gotten quite severe and completely covers the base of the leaves. None of the other plants in my collection are exhibiting the same...
  16. Sashoke

    D. dichrosepala gemmae

    My D. dichrosepala gemmae are about ready to harvest, there will likely be 10-20 gemmae. D. dichrosepala is a very easy species of pygmy dew to grow, Ive been growing mine for about a year now inside of my bedroom with no supplemental humidity (thats probably around 20% humidity), they have...
  17. Sashoke

    What factors control the direction a pitcher will face, if any?

    Ive noticed on some of my plants the pitchers are all facing the same exact direction, regardless of the position of the leaf theyre attached to. Some have tendrils that make journies across their pots just to make sure they inflate right next to several other pitchers (see my N. burkei a few...
  18. Sashoke

    N. ventricosa "squat" form

    Im looking to trade for an N. ventricosa "squat" form, this variety doesnt seem to be sold anywhere, and would complete my ventricosa collection. Because of its scarcity, Im hoping someone here has one for trade! I have several Nepenthes, Drosera and a Cephalotus I can trade to you in return...
  19. Sashoke

    Setup for a single bulb growlight?

    So basically I noticed the tree in our front yard grew leaves and is now casting a shadow on my window during the evening which kinda deprives my plants of some light, so I picked up a cheap 40 watt CFL bulb for supplemental light (2800 lumens, 6500k) and I currently have it setup as such: So...