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    Flower sexing

    I'm very excited that my N. (ventricosa x x tiveyi) x truncata is finally flowering. It looks male to me, but as this is my first real flower spike (N. x 'Miranda' doesn't count to me), I'd like some outside opinions. I'll find out soon enough, but I'd like to do some breeding deals with it, so...
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    My greenhouse setup

    This is my temporary highland greenhouse setup. Early next year I'll be moving these plants to a permanent greenhouse that should have more permanent highland conditions, instead of just highland conditions in the cooler months. As it stands, the temperatures are great, 55-60f at night, 60-85f...
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    My small intermediate terrarium

    This is my small intermediate terrarium. I created it a few months ago to house my N. hamata (at that point it was more of a highland terrarium) but as time goes on and the air conditioner I was using stopped working as well it became more of an intermediate terrarium. This is probably it's...
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    Triantha occidentalis cultivation and observations thread

    This is a thread for me to document my progress and observations regarding the behavior of Triantha occidentalis in cultivation. In case anyone is unfamiliar, Triantha is a small genus of mainly North American herbaceous perennials, though one of the four species is endemic to Japan. This genus...
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    I guess I'm back?

    I'm not new to TF, but I might as well be. The last time I was really active on this site was in late 2015. I've gotten out of Nepenthes for the most part since then, and I just keep very low maintenance CPs that grow outside year round with almost no effort put in, Sarracenia mostly. My...
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    Picture Thread: Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta Botanical Garden

    I'll be sharing pictures from my recent trip to Atlanta. I'll start out with the aquarium, and then the garden. I hope you enjoy.
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    Some of my chickens

    I've been keeping chickens for a few years now, and have over thirty currently, and here are a few of my favorites: The largest of my three Dark Brahmas. They are the second largest breed of chicken, and hens can weigh up to nine pounds. One of my favorite Black Silkies. My only Polish...
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    Are these gemmae?

    Late last spring, I ordered some Utricularia sandersonii. Needless to say, there were other species received in addition to the U. sandersonii, primarily U. bisquamata. However, there was also a tiny little Drosera growing as a hitchhiker as well. Until today, I had considered it to just be...
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    Help with mites

    A few months ago, my N. hamata stopped making pitchers, and growth slowed down noticeably. I attributed it to an increase in light and drop in humidity (this was when I upgraded my lighting and the misting system failed), but it appears that it actually has mites. I am planning to use neem oil...
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    Haworthia coopreri?

    H. cooperi is probably the plant that is most special to me, since it was my first ever plant. So when i saw this plant at my local Ingles, I just had to have it. My questions are whether it is H. cooperi like I think it is, and if so, which variety?
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    Looking for input for a new humidifier

    Recently, my current highland chamber humidifier/misting system broke, and I need advice from successful growers about what I should replace it with. Specifically, I am looking for a system that puts out more of a fog than mist, to allow for higher humidity to be attained without all of the...
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    Ideas for reducing heat in Grow Chamber

    Recently, I upgraded my chamber's lighting to include both red spectrum and white bulbs. However due to the added heat from the new bulb, the daytime heat has been increasing from the low 70's to the low 80's. Most of the plants don't seem to mind, but N. hamata has not been happy with the rise...
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    You know you're addicted to CPs when you...

    First off, my apologies if a thread like this has already been created. I did look first. :p Anyway, You know you're addicted to carnivorous plants when you: Are walking through Lowe's/Home Depot and get distracted looking at lights and fixtures under the impression that one can always...
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    D. rotundifolia stratification question

    So, I ordered seeds of D. rotundifolia from a nursery owned by a well known educator in Maryland, and wanted to know if they were already stratified. I assumed they weren't and they have been on the fridge for several weeks now. I would like to know if that was a good idea, and if anyone else...
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    Aldrovanda Care Thread

    I believe that Aldrovanda has a (mostly) undeserved reputation for being hard to grow, and I think that is one of the reasons why it isn't as popular as it should be. If the secrets and key components of it's cultivation are shared, in detail and from the experience of successful growers, then...
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    Utric help please

    I recently got several species of Utricularia: U. sandersonii U. longifolia U. gibba and a hitchhiker that is probably U. subulata or livida I know a bit about their care (especially the terrestrials) but I would apprecate tips on the longifolia. I would also appreciate tips on the...
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    Bio's Grow List

    CPs Nepenthaceae Nepenthes N. ampullaria N. Black Knight N. clipeata N. fusca "Flared Peristome" N. x 'Gentle' N. glabrata x aristolochioides N. hamata N. inermis N. 'Miranda' N. sanguinea N. sibuyanensis x (spectabilis x aristolochioides) N. ventricosa x ( xtiveyi x truncata) A bunch of...
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    How I grow Cephalotus

    OOPS Please ignore this thread, and if someone could delete it, please do. :blush:
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    How I grow Cephalotus

    After noticing that numerous people seem to have trouble growing Cephalotus, especially about over-watering, I think I should share my secret to giving Cephalotus the perfect amount of water. I use "African Violet Pots". These are self-watering pots, but do not use a wick to water. Instead the...
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    Sarracenia pollen question

    Just a quick question - how long can Sarracenia pollen be stored in the refrigerator? Thanks in advance.