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    Which plant would you take?

    Making kids is fun and easy. All you need is a glass tube, an egg and a magazine. They're replaceable. Now my N. Ventricosa. Where you you find one of those?!
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    Battle of the titans

    I'd like the binata to wrap itself around the vft. Make things fair.
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    Fiji water

    thats hot Thats y i want to feed my vent Fiji.   heehee Total Dissolved Minerals is 210, right, so doesn't the 85 mg/liter account for part of that? Silica is neutral, isn't it? The water itself is a bit on the alkaline side... i donno
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    Fiji water

    But it says total dissolved solids, not salts... Is that different? I don't know where you can buy Fiji Water. If you go to www.fijiwater.com you can order it. You'd have to check your local retailers. It's Imported and it's kinda snobby water... I haven't seen in in any general store... *shrug*
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    Yay!  Baby is here!  Pics inside!

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    Fiji water

    Hey guys. I wasn't sure if this post would be appropriate in this forum or in the nep forum. I figure it is applicable to all plants, and plus, more people will read it here. Would it be safe to water my N. ventricosa with Fiji Water? ther mineral content is as follows: in mg/liter: Calcium...
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    Upload website

    Hey. I was just wondering what website I could use to upload my pictures so that I can show them to you guys. Do I have to 'sign up' or 'register' on a site in order to use it? Thanks! Greg
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    Tropical cactai

    See. It's okay. I pretty much set myself up. Hehehe.
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    Torontonian anyone?

    Aaaw... You're all making me homesick! I just moved back to Hamilton to live with my fam while I get out of debt! Every time I go back to Toronto I forget that I'm visiting... I know that at Danforth and... Warden-ish area (I forget the exact address), there is an absolutly AMAZING little...
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    Tropical cactai

    I'm not an expert. I believe, however, that the reason that a cactus is a cactus is to retain water in an unbelievably dry environment. *shrug* Like I said though... I'm not an expert; I might just be made to look real silly.
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    Lowland tropical sundews

    What would be wrong with... Capensis... It should be bright enough... And with it's arms up in the air, it will catch alot of gnats, assuming they breed in there. I know it's a lil boring...
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    Got my baby

    Thats precisely what I wanted to know. Recoup once really hardcore, or twice, softcore. Thanks. As for my reason to transplant... I'm not sure how suitable the medium. Good enough I should suppose, as it looks like it's been in there for a while, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I want MY...
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    Got my baby

    *Eeeeh* I got my N. ventricosa today... She's so beautiful. I'm going to take pictures for you all when my mom's boyfriend returns our camera. I want to repot it though. I'm kind of scared to. I'm going to mix some orchid bark in with my long fibred sphagnum (because I'm not sure if I have...
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    I feel so emberassed as I'm almost positive I asked this three years ago... Aside from it being a lowland, what sorts of temperatures can this plant withstand? I recall someone telling of how theirs stood up to a freezing night one time, and came out of it more than alive... My house stays...
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    N. ventricosa

    $17 Dollars? It's fully mature. It's right down the street... Not gonna die in the mail... and it's CAD... *Nods* See, the light isn't an option for me really, because I'm gonna put it in the only non-cluttered place in my room... Hanging by my window. You think it sounds *alright* though?
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    N. ventricosa

    I want to get myself a nice little CP to grow while I'm living back home, just to take care of before I get back out on my own where I can create the veritable rainforest I had before... I spotted a mature N. ventricosa at a nursery nearby, which surprised me... I understand that they are...
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    Wow. I'm so happy at the welcome-back! Two pages worth! I'm flattered. I have to admit though, that somehow alot of my knowledge has leaked out of me, like when you don't use a language for a long time. I'm anxious to see you all live up to the standards you've put yourselves up to by...
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    Hey guys. I hope at least SOME of you remember me... I'm back. I was in Toronto for two years for college, and because of some things that aren't my fault... Things didn't go too well. Anyhow, I'm back in Hamilton now, and back on the computer. The plants I had left with my father died, despite...
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    Citrosa mosquito repelling plant