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    Strange black dots

    Thanks so much for letting me know! I feel better knowing its not something I've done or some sort of disease :)
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    Strange black dots

    Hi, I have strange tiny black dots on the underneath of the leaves on my st gaya and have no clue what they are. They're slightly raised from the leaves and are hard. They're not bugs as there is no movement at all and I can't scratch them off. Other than the spots, the plant is very healthy...
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    Upper pitchers of talangensis x ventricosa and ventrata?

    Hey all! Over the last couple of months both my ventrata and my talangensis x ventricosa have been vining like crazy. Does anyone have any photos of what the upper pitchers look like for these hybrids? Also, is there any way of telling whether a tendril will product a lower or an upper? The...
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    Possible babies?

    Do you think it's best to wait until next year when they're (hopefully) a bit bigger?
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    Broken leaf vein

    Thank you Grey Moss, its now in a much sturdier pot!!
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    Communal Nepenthes Pot?

    I've done this before with different coloured hostas and the effect was amazing. I was thinking of trying something like this with neps too. Please post some pictures if you do, I would love to see them 😃
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    Pitcher of the Month October 2021

    N.ventricosa x talangensis
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    Possible babies?

    Hi everyone, Due to an accident knocking one of my plants over, I've decided to repot them into more sturdy pots (they needed doing anyway to be honest). Having taken a closer look at my Bloody Mary/Lady Luck I think there might be 'babies' under all the leaves. If they are babies, could I...
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