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  1. bluemax

    New member here.. From a village in one of SE Asia country.

    :welcome: Welcome to Terra Forums! 'Looks like you've got a nice collection.
  2. bluemax

    Any hope left in my Argentii?

    Definitely led light. Unless the fungus on them becomes too much I wouldn't cut anything. I certainly wish you luck!
  3. bluemax

    Any hope left in my Argentii?

    I would give them light but keep up the humidity. I believe I see living tissue on the lower stems and, if so, that means there's hope. Perhaps a better Nepenthes grower than I would like to chime in?
  4. bluemax

    Mystery item

    $5. Is it an ashtray?
  5. bluemax

    Mystery item

    $2 Was the item ever alive?
  6. bluemax

    Mini Iris (5 bulbs)

  7. bluemax

    Utricularia alpina x humboltii

    A nice chunk of plant from the mass of it shown below: While I haven't had it long enough to see flowers, this cross is said to have very large flowers for a utricularia and is easier to bloom than the pure U. humboltii. For flower photos you might want to look here: CP Photofinder: alpina x...
  8. bluemax

    What do you want to bid on in the NASC 2022 Auction?

    I'll also add - I'd bid on Drosera spiralis.
  9. bluemax

    Cephalotus follicularis "PM1"

    This is the actual plant up for bid. Below is a photo of a mature plant. The Cephalotus “PM1” clone is the pick of the litter from ICPS Seed Bank seeds that Phill Mann donated from his collection and John Brittnacher started in 2000. “PM1” divisions and its litter mates have been sold...
  10. bluemax

    What are you considering offering for bid in the 2022 NASC benefit auction?

    I'm also thinking I might offer a chunky plug of Utricularia alpina x humboltii. 'Don't see this one too often.
  11. bluemax

    What do you want to bid on in the NASC 2022 Auction?

    I would bid on a nice-flowered Streptocarpus or two. I'm falling in love with this genus.
  12. bluemax

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Announcing our May meeting will be Sat., May 14 at the Moon and Sixpence pub in Portland, OR at 3:00 PM - until people finally decide to go home. 'Hope you can make it!
  13. bluemax


    You may have already seen this but in case you haven't: Growing Mexican Pinguicula | ICPS It's a good overview and has some good tips as well.
  14. bluemax

    I do love GF Equobia !!!

    It's nice to hear that others also use magnification and fine tweezers when potting up very small plants. ;) I'm looking forward to further updates.
  15. bluemax


    Since no one more knowledgeable has replied, I'll offer what I can. I suspect that the roots of your plant are suffering from deterioration due to either overly-compact/dense soil or too much moisture. You might consider repotting it into a lighter soil containing about 50% perlite. I use a...
  16. bluemax

    My Pinguicula Journey

    Sorry to hear about your losses. Doing ping crosses is very much a hit and miss situation - but when you succeed all of the effort becomes totally worth it. Keep the faith!
  17. bluemax

    A little farther then most of you .... CP in a Valley

    Welcome to TF, AlainCh2! I found myself in a similar situation some years back having finished with my far-roaming and settling into a specific area. You might find yourself to be a carnivorous plant magnet in the months to come.
  18. bluemax

    Killer Monkeys

    I remember being taught in outdoor school in California that you could use monkey flower leaves as a 'natural band-aid' due to their stickiness. Some species certainly produce lots of mucilage. I've always loved the flowers.