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  1. Jawn

    Looking for a large dracena

    Hey there :) I am looking for a few large dracena marginata trees/plants (or similar species). By large I mean ideally 5-8 feet tall with a trunk diameter of at least a few inches. They are common tropical houseplants but they aren't typically available in such a large size. I have a gaggle...
  2. Jawn

    40 gal terrarium, n. exotic lady rooted basals

    hey folks. ive got three exotic lady rooted basals that i'd like to trade. i'd prefer to trade these to someone in the pnw area due to the current temps nationally and the fact that i haven't shipped a nep before. these were separated a little over two months ago. they've been growing...
  3. Jawn

    The Nepenthes that I'm growing

    Hey folks I wanted to dump some nepenthes photos in here and hopefully get some tips from all the experienced growers out there. I bought my first nep, a ventrata, about a year and a half ago. Intrigued, I starting buying other varieties last fall. Today I have roughly 20-25 different...