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  1. Jawn

    Max's Travels

    Wow that was quick! Thanks guys! We saw a cluster of 8 or 9 of the fairly slipper orchid at about 1000' on the augsperger trail - the most we had seen in one place over the entire hike - but the pictures came out kind of blurry. Mark, are you heading back up there for the peak bloom?
  2. Jawn

    Max's Travels

    It was great seeing you up there Mark! Such a surprise. Wasn't the weather perfect? So great of you to include the names of those flowers. We were wondering what they were. Any chance you could id these two for us? (the 8 on this one is the most we saw on any stalk. started...
  3. Jawn

    Looking for a large dracena

    Hey there :) I am looking for a few large dracena marginata trees/plants (or similar species). By large I mean ideally 5-8 feet tall with a trunk diameter of at least a few inches. They are common tropical houseplants but they aren't typically available in such a large size. I have a gaggle...
  4. Jawn

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    Aw man I saw that as I was leaving. Looked like a 3D printer, but I didn't know what it was. I figured they were another club/group of musicians/eccentric group who meet at the pub. Good times for sure :)
  5. Jawn

    (veitchii xx tiveyii) x truncata seeking pollen asap

    I will have N. Barbarian (spathulata x (spectabilis x veitchii)) pollen within a day or two. I also have a male N. Benevolence spike as well. Should be a day or two before it's ready. PM me if interested :)
  6. Jawn

    All the More Reason to Avoid Facebook

    Indeed, because if you give them permission to take your wallet, then they aren't really stealing it, are they? :)
  7. Jawn

    All the More Reason to Avoid Facebook

    Hypothetically, how can you know that some shady person isn't taking pictures from your blog, turning them into a calendar, and selling them on the streets of another country? I guess that's my ultimate point. At least facebook tells you they're doing it. Bootleggers around the world won't be...
  8. Jawn

    All the More Reason to Avoid Facebook

    Replace the word "facebook" with "internet users" and it still reads the same.
  9. Jawn

    Pedilanthus Devil's Backbone Rooted Cuttings for trade

    I don't see any problem with offering non-cp's. I'd love to log on and find a "wtt echeveria cultivars for neps" thread :)
  10. Jawn

    How to Get Bigger Pitchers?

    I find these important: Proper light Proper humidity/moisture Proper media mix Proper temps Regular insect feeding (personal opinion) Notice that all the above are efforts at replicating their natural conditions. If anything above isn't proper, your plant won't produce as well. I've found this...
  11. Jawn

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    I'll probably see you guys there
  12. Jawn

    Pitcher of the Month July 2013

    looks great travis. im digging the sib x lady pauline too, such a vigorous grower. mine has at least ten pitchers on it at the moment.
  13. Jawn

    Plant of the Month June 2013

    beautiful utrics, thanks for sharing
  14. Jawn

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    I have to sit this one out folks. Have a great time though, enjoy the weather!
  15. Jawn

    Darlingtonia growing in my bog

    I won't be able to make this one. I'll most likely see you guys at the next one.
  16. Jawn

    Prematurely popping pitchers

    I do. Mine are under t8's and cfl's. I run them approx 15.5-16.5 hours a day. No complaints from the plants. For a few months I ran them even longer, also no complaints from the plants.
  17. Jawn

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    definitely a good time. always nice to see you guys.