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    Drosera sessilifolia seeds

    1. DeadlyCarnivore - Thanks! 2. Grey Moss - Thank you 3. Doomsday - Thank you! 4. adnedarn. Much thanks =) 5. Dendrobater - Merci! 6. PsychoSarah - Yay! Thank you so much! 7. Pearldiver - Thanks! 8. Ertnirp - Thank you for the generosity!
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    'Tis the season for Gemmae

    I just wanted to quickly thank Tiffany again for this awesome giveaway. My first couple gemmae sprouted on January 3rd, about a month after she harvested them.
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    Drosera Seed Giveaway

    1. FLTropical - thanks for the offer(alicea)! 2. Ertnirp - D. aliciae (I appreciate the generosity!) 3. Plant Heathen - Thanks for the chants (D. Aliciae) 4. Tmurphy44870 - d aliciae 5. Kjnorris918- D. Aliciae- Thank you for your generosity! 6. Bijillon - thanks for the opportunity! 7...
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    adnedarn's 1/2017 seed giveaway: Sarracenia, Drosera, Drosophyllum, VFT

    S. 'Dana's Delight x OP (3 packs) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance 2) DeadlyCarni 3)CoolCapensis 4) Plant Heathen ... S. 'Doreen's Colossus' x Leah Wilkerson (1 pack) 1) kjnorris918- thanks for the chance. 2) hcarlton 3) DeadlyCarni 4) CoolCapensis 5)HeliamWalnut 6) SerMuncherIV 7) Ertnirp...
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    Drosera Seed Giveaway

    1. FLTropical - thanks for the offer! 2. Ertnirp (I appreciate the generosity!)
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    ID Help Needed! Have I already killed these poor things?

    Thank you all very much for the responses! A follow-up question on the media: I have Miracle-gro orchid mix (I know it sucks), sphagnum peat, and sand on hand. Is there any good mixture of these to use, or will I need to buy something else? Options around here are limited.
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    ID Help Needed! Have I already killed these poor things?

    Hi all, I have literally no idea what these are. Received them with a large group of plants from a greenhouse manager I'm friends with. Two questions: What are they? Have I killed them already? They've been without soil for 1+ week.
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    'Tis the season for Gemmae

    D. Scorpioides 1. IDgalaxy 2. erikHIplants - Thanks a bunch! 3. Bijillon - I have been wanting some for a while now, guess I got lucky! 4. emc2 - thanks for the opportunity! 5. chrysamphora, Merry Christmas! 6. Huntsmanshorn 7. afrodisa - thanks for the opportunity 8. Ertnirp - thank...
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    Ertnirp Growlist

    Dionaea 'Red Dragon' Drosera capensis spatulata Nepenthes globamphora (also known as bellii) x ventricosa cutting (pitcher from mother plant on right)