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  1. Jimmy

    Macro photos of freshwater amphipods

    You thinking of rotifers, perhaps? That's what they look like to me! -Jimmy
  2. Jimmy

    Australian Tubers

    Those look like they'll be a blast to grow out!
  3. Jimmy

    Feeler Trade: N. veitchii x talangensis (LHNN Poi Dog) cuttings, rooted or unrooted

    The cutting I've already taken has one very swollen node about to "leaf out" and two more swollen nodes below... so it'll have two growth points for sure, maybe even a third one. No roots yet, but it'll get there. The pic of the plant and pitchers are a few months old - back when the Colorado...
  4. Jimmy

    Feeler Trade: N. veitchii x talangensis (LHNN Poi Dog) cuttings, rooted or unrooted

    For those of you who PM'd me - I'm going to wait and see who has the best offer before I respond to PMs - I'd really like to see someone grow this out in awesome conditions... I'm waiting for spring to bring better lighting so it can pitcher well and continue to flower (prolific male). I...
  5. Jimmy

    Feeler Trade: N. veitchii x talangensis (LHNN Poi Dog) cuttings, rooted or unrooted

    Very true - that's why I labeled it as such! Still a great plant though, and traits of both N. veitchii and N. talangensis show quite well.
  6. Jimmy

    Feeler Trade: N. veitchii x talangensis (LHNN Poi Dog) cuttings, rooted or unrooted

    Hello, I have what is almost certainly N. veitchii x talangensis (purchased as an LHNN Poi Dog) that I need to cut back a bit. It makes lovely yellowish fuzzy talangensis-shaped pitchers with potential for a flashy yellow peristome. Even saw hints of striping in some of the older pitchers. PM...
  7. Jimmy

    What do you guys think of the Mosser Lee brand lfs?

    Just go with the blonde NZ or Chilean moss if you can. Better in every way: fluffier, looks better, holds moisture better, provides aeration and drainage better, and is cleaner (less debris and less contamination, in my experience). Mosser Lee is half way to being peat moss, which is generally...
  8. Jimmy

    Rare Nepenthes Seed Question

    Sounds good! Just watch out for fungus attacks - chances increase for that if the air is too humid and gets too little circulation. Good luck! -Jimmy
  9. Jimmy

    Nepenthes in vitro . . .

    Thanks for the detailed reply, BigBella! Temps may definitely have been an issue, as they were kept in about 80-degree-Fahrenheit temps after I set up the cultures... There were other factors too, but I wanted to ask if there are any key things to watch out for and you certainly helped! That's...
  10. Jimmy

    Rare Nepenthes Seed Question

    I've had luck with Nepenthes seeds in relatively high temps and humidity (when I was in NM I had a 10-gallon terrarium with two 25-watt CFL bulbs inside to germinate and grow Nepenthes, Byblis, and Drosera seeds, even during 80-degree-Fahrenheit summer days in the house), but I had the most luck...
  11. Jimmy

    Happy Birthday Crissy!

    Happy Birthday! More dancing bananas for you! :banana2: :banana2: :banana2:
  12. Jimmy

    Phyllocrania Paradoxa - Ghost Mantids

    Nice! I just got involved with this stuff again, and starting to get active on Mantid Forum. Still waiting for a couple of ghosts to be sent, but I'm excited for it. My west-facing window here limits the CPs I can grow (especially during winter) so I figure mantids are the way to go. -Jimmy
  13. Jimmy

    Nepenthes in vitro . . .

    BigBella, An off-topic TC question... what would cause Nepenthes to turn brown and die part-way through germination in vitro? Assuming a standard media of 1/3 MS with vitamins and 25g/L sucrose with no PGRs. And while I'm asking, have you used activated charcoal in any of your cultures? I...
  14. Jimmy

    Nepenthes Root Nodules? Fungus?

    Hey, It's been a while since I've posted but I thought I'd jump in here so we don't make an issue where there isn't one. :) Those thickened, tannish roots are natural, and the nodules are either filled with beneficial fungus or are just caused by being stunted with little room to expand...
  15. Jimmy


    Still waiting for rain in Alamogordo though!
  16. Jimmy

    Yet another Nepenthes unknown :D

    I would venture to say that it is N. x 'Lady Pauline,' which is indeed N. talangensis x maxima. BE propagated a bunch of a select clone of N. talangensis x maxima and distributed it under the cultivar name. The plant itself looks like it fits the description, and the pitcher has the distinct...
  17. Jimmy

    Nepenthes uppers or not?

    My Nepenthes 'Effulgent Koto' produces pale yellow upper pitchers with no peristome striping and no looped tendrils. I would bet that your plant is in the intermediate-upper stage as well. "Intermediate" pitchers do, indeed, exist as well... I've noticed them as my N. 'Miranda' and N...