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    For Sale Peter D Amato x maxima

    retracted done, accidently posted twice
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    For Sale nepenthes Peter D Amato x maxima

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    For Sale nepenthes enymae

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    For Trade nepenthes enymae

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    For Sale sarracenia Leah Wilkerson x (Schnells Ghost x Adrian Slack)

    sarracenia Leah Wilkerson x (Schnells Ghost x Adrian Slack) for sale $40 plus shipping. This plant has 2 very rare and 1 rare plants in it.it has great potential because of the famous adrian slack and leah wilkerson, these two plants alone crossed are over 300 dollars, adding another white...
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    For Trade Drosera Binata T-form seeds for trade

    i have extremely fresh drosera binata t-form seeds just harvested today for trade and ill trade for sarracenia or nepenthes plants that i dont have already. ill have hundreds of seeds
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    For Sale Drosera Binata T-form seeds for sale

    i have extremely fresh drosera binata t-form seeds for sale.Just harvested today. 10 seeds for $2 , 30 seeds for $4 ,40 seeds for $6,50 seeds for $8 . 100+ seeds for $15 FREE POSTAGE but depending on how much seeds you purchase i will charge $ .50 to $1.00 for paypal fee
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    Looking For (trade) looking for nepenthes, sarracenia, or cobra lilies

    I have nepenthes ventricosa madja as, unknown nepenthes,nepenthes sanguinea,ping.aphrodite,drosera capensis, a sarracenia leucophylla division,an unknown sarracenia division, 2 small drosera binatas,and nepenthes ventrata. I'd like to trade for nepenthes spectabilis or its hybrids,WOULD LOVE...
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    Carnivorous plant dvd for carnivorous plants

    I have Grow Carnivorous Plants Volume 1 and i would like to trade for some cps. The dvds has some good info on how to grow temperate cps. I got it from Jeff Dallas himself at the Saturday market when i went to Oregon. Ill trade for some sarracenias and nepenthes. Theres only a few sarracenia and...
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    My succulents for your carnivorous plants

    I have these succulents for trade. these are all cuttings unrooted. these plants make a really nice planter. ill trade for many kinds sarracenia and nepenthes, i really want any nepenthes that is striped.i also really want sarracenia leucophylla white varieties. ill also trade for darlingtonia...
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    Ping.aphrodite, drosera capensis, and nepenthes ventrata for trade

    Ping.aphrodite, drosera capensis, nep.ventrata, and u.bisquamata for trade I have pingicula aphrodite leaf pullings and small plants and ill possibly trade my adult plants depending on trade. I have some small and 3 medium drosera capensis red tentacled plants and 1 small to medium nepenthes...