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    Name that plant! XD

    Yes N. mixta x maxima. Probably not miranda since its a cultivar.
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    Highlanders, Air movement and Humidity

    I also mist mine since it grows together with my neps. Not every day though but every 3rd day or so.I doesnt seem to mind either. But I spoke to wistuba and he told me that I shouldnt mist Helis since they easily get fungus infections from it.
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    Highlanders, Air movement and Humidity

    Ive heard quite the opposite Capslock. That Helis hate being misted. Your conditions sound just fine JLAP most highland plants dont need as high humidity as lowlands.And those plants you mentioned is quite tolarant. The only one that MIGHT get fuzzy is N.lowiii x muluensis. But I think you...
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    Anyone heere read any manga?

    Doesnt PS3 have huge problems with their consol? Ive just finished FFXII now !! :boogie: And it was great! But my favorate FF game is of course FFX:hail: Its just a perfect game. Ive read a few Mangs series to. And my favorate serie is also Dragonball and Dragonball Z.
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    Who else grows the real clipeata?

    Im with JLAP. If its not proven that its a hybrid then you shouldnt just assume that it is. Though I have spoken to Andreas Wistuba about it and he also "thinks" its a hybrid. But it can surely be clipetea. With different characaristics. I mean, have you ever seen 2 plants in the wild that look...
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    collecting rainwater

    Its normal terracotta :P And My bucket is always full of leaves, dirt, worms and other strange stuff which sinks to the bottom. But still no ill effects on the plants.
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    collecting rainwater

    I collect it from my roof. And I havnt seen any negative effect on the plants.
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    Wasp Photos

    I hate wasps! But they help keeping the garden in check. Here is out biggest wasp in Sweden. These little killers often get up to almost 2''. And their nests is the size of basketballs :P http://www.sef.nu/landskapsinsekter/images2/crabo_ake.jpg
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    Sulphur-Plasma lighting. Awesome stuff.

    I found another website about them. http://www.sulfur-plasma.com/ These are the guys I emailed.
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    Mystery Nep-New Photos

    Its probably unneccasary to post this since most people already guessed miranda. But.. I think its Miranda :P Ventrata? :poke:
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    Sulphur-Plasma lighting. Awesome stuff.

    Cool! They probably cost a fortune though :( I have emailed them and asked for a price list and availability.
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    Name that plant! XD

    Post a pic of an open pitcher. Also I still think its "miranda" :P
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    My reptiles

    Kewl creatures :D. I only have some geckos and an iguana myself :D. The iguana will get large as well. Mine is about 3 Feet now.
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    question about light and my ramispina

    Yes Neci, Really filtered :P. Only 2% of the sunlight hits the ground in the rainforest. I dont think thats fungus. They are so evenly colored and fungus usually wont color it that evenly. Nice plant BTW:P
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    Succulent IDs, please!

    The first one almost looks like grapes . Maybe its clustering grapes, like ampullaria :P
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    You all NEED! mylar now!

    I first got some cheap mirrors which fit exactly into my lowlandtank. So thats what I used for it. And for my highland tank I bought some crome foil which you can put on your car or for advertising boards. It was really cheap (cheaper then mylar in sweden) just about 5€ for meter.
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    another Lowe's rescue Nepenthes...

    The bark is often mixed into the mix. Orchid bark is quite good. But if you can get your hands on some cork its even better IMO because its airy and not as heavy as other kind of bark. A mix of Peat/perlit (50/50) is good. (you can change the perlit against some bark,clay pellets everything...
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    Name that plant! XD

    Its a miranda look a like probably with the same species... N.gentle dont have red speckles, and gentles pitchers and leaves is also a little furry. Hey someone should make a sticky with garden center neps.??? Then we wouldnt have to Identify the same nep over and over and over and over and...
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    another Lowe's rescue Nepenthes...

    Looks like Judith finn. Its intermediate. though some pics of the whole plant may contribute to a more accurate identification.
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    One quick question here to :P Can I grow Dioneas in climate zone 7? In a greenhouse. At least I think its climate zone 7 :S Im swedish so .... I dont get lower temps then -15 for a couple of weeks in winter here. I found a website that converted US climate zones to european so..