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    Nep community pot?

    I did some Googling but couldn't find what I was looking for. Maybe my search terms sucked. Anyways. I've got a large pot and some extra intermediate hybrids I could put into it. Its either that or put them all into smaller pots. I'm going back and forth and cant make up my mind. Anyone here...
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    PAID (javaliz59 $16) Carnivorous plant t-shirt! Pick 1 from 4 designs!

    Hello, Up for auction is a carnivorous plant themed t-shirt designed by me! Besides growing carnivorous plants, I like to fill my time by sketching and designing. And sometimes when my two hobbies overlap you get what you see here :) Winner gets to pick 1 of the 4 designs listed in this post...
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    Vacation tips?

    Hello! Just looking for some ideas how to keep my plants happy and watered while on a trip. Last time I was gone for 9 days I just put them in a tray with half an inch of water and they were perfectly happy when I got back. This time I'm gonna be gone for 12. Think that's pushing it? Should I...
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    Damaged new growth?

    Welp. I messed up and accidentally gave my sarracenia too much sun too quickly and burned the upper half of all the new pitcher nubs and they've appeared to stop growing. What happens next? Have I lost any new growth for the year? Or will the plant abort these pitchers and start over? Should I...
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    Hello there!

    Long time lurker, first time poster :) I just wanted to say hi and become apart of this community. I've learned some great stuff reading these forums and all the pictures people post of plants are just too good :0o: A little about myself: I'm a plant nerd that's been growing carnivorous...