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    Trying to cool a new highland terrarium

    I'm trying to build a new highland terrarium, using air blowing through cooled water to lower the temperature inside the terrarium. The terrarium is built of styrofoam, with fluorescent lights above it. The water cooling approach is based on projects such as...
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    Rust-like marks on leaves

    Hi all, A single (hybrid) nepenthes in my terrarium (out of dozens of plants) is showing these rust-like marks on all leaves. These marks started showing up a few weeks ago. None of the other plants sitting next to it are showing any such signs. Do you know what could be the reason? And what...
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    U. Livida - Growing Tips?

    I got a very small clump of U. Livida a little over a year ago. I used a mixture of peat and perlite as a substrate, and placed it in a water tray next to my sundews (due to space constraints), under a set of fluorescent lights, and where the temperature range is approximately 20-25 deg...
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    N. Mikei blackening leaves - is this a problem ??

    Hey guys, I received an N. Mikei a few weeks ago, potted it in an equal part sphagnum moss/peat/perlite/coconut chips mix, bagged it up and placed in a terrarium under lights next to the rest of the neps. A few days ago, I noticed that the leaves have started blackening near the growing point...
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    Is this N. Ventricosa 'Porcelain Form'?

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    can someone identify this orchid?

    Hi guys, Got this orchid as a gift, there was no label and I'm thinking it's a Dendrobium, but I'm not sure. I'd like to grow it with the rest of my CPs (~70% humidity, ~14 hours of light, etc.). Thanks, Shimi
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    My Ceph - Pics

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share some pics of my Ceph; I'll probably repot it very soon since it's quite crowded and the roots are starting to come out of the bottom of the pot. Shimi
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    Spots on N.Ampullaria Leaves

    Hi Guys, My N. Ampullaria leaves are showing brown/red spots which seem to expand over time - see pics below (top and bottom of leaves). Whatever caused these spots didn't halt growth of the pitcher on the largest leaf. Now the newest leaf is showing some spots as well (easier to see at the...
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    Shimi's Grow List

    Nepenthes: - N. Rafflesiana - N. Truncata (lowland) - N. Ampullaria - N. Globosa 'Viking' - N. Sanguinea "Black Beauty" - N. x Hookeriana - N. x Ventrata - N. Ventricosa - N. Bicalcarata - N. Northiana Bau - N. Maxima Tentena form - N. Khasiana - N. x Miranda - N. Veitchii (lowland) Drosera: -...
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    N. Sanguinea - Repotting

    Hi guys, I've been growing my N. Sanguinea for almost a year now. For the past couple of weeks, it's been growing rather fast, and the pitchers have gotten larger and larger - in the picture you can see the newest pitcher next to an old one. I'm thinking of moving it to a larger pot soon (when...
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    BBC One - Life - Jaws of Death

    From the BBC show 'Life': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7eQKSf0LmY
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    Question - VFT

    Hi all, For some time I made the mistake of growing my VFT (typical) in a terrarium where it was too far from the light sources. As a result, almost all of the leaves/traps wilted and died. Is it possible that at this stage the plant went into dormancy, as a result of the lack of light? About...
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    Hello from Israel

    Hi there from Tel Aviv, Israel. I started growing CPs about a year ago, started with a young N. Ventrata, and now I have a small collection of mostly Nepenthes & Drosera. I've been reading the posts here on TFs for a long time, and decided it's time to register... I just moved my plants to a...