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  1. Mark Wilson

    Pings for utrics

    I have approx. 10 extra P.Gypsicolas I'd like to trade for some Utrics suchs as some of the orchidioides species or NA species.PM me if interested.
  2. Mark Wilson

    Gypsicola for lusitanica

    I'm looking to trade someone for some lusitanica seeds or plants. Thanks Mark Wilson
  3. Mark Wilson


    I've been doing some reading on these and was wondering if people have figured them out and how they are doing in cultivation.They are a very cool dew. Mark
  4. Mark Wilson

    gypsicola plantlets to trade

    I have quite a few dime to nickel sized gypsicolas to trade.I am basically looking for drosera not on my growlist so let me know what you have. Thanks for looking !!
  5. Mark Wilson

    Elete Greenhouses

    Hi all, My wife is AWESOME !!! in her travels checking out horses that her and her friends train then sell she went to one womens place and saw she had a greenhouse. She had asked the women a year ago if she wanted to sell it and she wanted $800 for it.Well, a week ago she went there and the...
  6. Mark Wilson


    Cephalotus typical Nepenthes ampullaria: green,red,speckled bellii and a few hybrids Drosera admiribilis aliciae capensis madagascariensis filiformis var.filiformis intermedia falconeri prolifera burmannii Pygmys callistos dichrosepala pygmae puchella occidentalis Pings acuminata...
  7. Mark Wilson

    P. grandiflora question

    A week or so ago 6 of my grandilforas flowered so I pollinated the flowers by basically going along like my toothpick was a small bee and went from one to another. I now have 3 plants with swelling seedpod. I know my other temperate pings (P.macroceras) will drop their seeds and they will...
  8. Mark Wilson

    P.gypsicola Captain Hamata $17

    I have 3 dime sized gypsicolas to add.All three are in their winter rosettes and just now starting to grow summer leaves.Lets get this going for $5.00
  9. Mark Wilson

    P. gypsicola tray

    Still working on posting pics.It is in the gallery winter rosette adult plant
  10. Mark Wilson

    D, ordensis seedlings question

    Hi All, Back in (I think) October Homer distributed some ordensis seeds.I have two tiny seedlings that haven't done much since sprouting.They are on a heat pad under a clear shoebox in the basement.The air temp in is the 90 dgree range and I have them covered with a plastic bag to keep the...
  11. Mark Wilson

    Shipping pings as in P. gypsicola

    Has anyone came up with a goof-proof way to ship gypsicolas? I have propagated a bunch of them off of their summer leaves and will have quite a few to share with anyone who may want to trade them come springtime. What I did was put the leaves'after I repotted the plants in their winter leaf...
  12. Mark Wilson


    Hi All, This spring I bought a couple P.macroceras from a company and they were about to flower.I tried pollinating one and things were looking great until one of the many thunderstorms to come thur our area broke off the flower.I had a couple others that were further back inmy coldframe and...
  13. Mark Wilson

    Ceph flower stalk

    Hi All, I have had my cephalotus for about 3 years and this year it is putting up 2 flower stalks.I ahve it in a 20 long and have guided one the stalk around the lights. Will it be ok as far as not getting alot of light and how do I go about pollinating it...
  14. Mark Wilson

    Changing water in trays

    Hi all, I was wondering how often people change their water in their trays.I hadn't been doing it but had noticed that my original gypsicola wasn't doing real well. I had basically been just adding water when it had gotten low.I pulled out it's pot and man did it smell rank.I took the whole...
  15. Mark Wilson

    Wanted: P.lusitanica seeds

    I am looking for some P.lusitanica seeds.My last little one looks like it isn't going to make it. Thanks in advance. Mark W.
  16. Mark Wilson

    P. lusitanica issues

    HI All, Last spring I received some P.lusitanica seeds and planted them in a 1/2 peat 1/2 perlite media.They haven't grown much at all after I thinned them out. I have 2 about the size of a pinhead right now and was wondering what to do. Should I replant them in different media,fertilize...
  17. Mark Wilson

    Dividing a P.gypsicola

    Hi All, When is the best time to divide my gyspicola? From looking at it this morning it went from two plants to three.Is it better to divide it now or when it starts developing its winter leaves...
  18. Mark Wilson

    Feeding temparate pings

    About a month ago I recieved 3 P. macrocerus and they seem to be doing fine but I haven't noticed many insects being caught so was wondering if it would be ok to feed them and fertilize them like we all seem to do with our Mexican pings.Do you all think it would have a positive effect in say...
  19. Mark Wilson

    Looking for S.purpurea ssp purpurea

    I am looking for a S. purpurea ssp purpurea.I didn't get an order in in time to the people I usually buy plants from. Thanks...
  20. Mark Wilson

    Leaf pullings thoughout the year?

    Is it ok to pull actively growing leaves from my gypsicola for propagation or try and get the winter leaves? I also have a great looking ehlersaie(thanks for the lighting tips Joseph) amd want to pull from it also...