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    Big Nepenthes, grows outdoors here in Auckland NZ year round...

    Here is an older pitcher if that helps (sorry about the hand - it was for scale when I took this photo):
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    Big Nepenthes, grows outdoors here in Auckland NZ year round...

    I grabbed this plant (and a couple of others) at a plant meet around 8-9 years ago, it has been growing outside since then and seems to love it, long lost track of what it is though, but what ever it is it grows like mad!
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    Long time no see...

    After many years of very little plant activity, life has settled down a bit again. I logged in again just now to find an unread personal message from 2008, so it has been a long time! Been growing a few Neps year round outside here in Auckland New Zealand quite successfully for 10+ years now...
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    Mutated Hybrid?

    Yep that is the one :rolleyes:
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    Mutated Hybrid?

    I have a S.leucophylla hybrid that nearly every pitcher on is not forming correctly. They are partly collapsed or suqashed on one side, like they don't inflate or open correctly. Now I have had this plant for a number of years and it has been repotted and divided several times and it always...
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    Issues with Tissue cultured VFT's?

    Thankyou all! I the many years I have been growing CP's I have never really grown VFTs except for my very first plant. This one is more for my two girls than myself!
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    Issues with Tissue cultured VFT's?

    Are there any potential issues with VFT's that have been propagated via tissue culture? I remember a few mutations when I helped out at a local grower potting up plants, one plant never seemed to grow traps any bigger than 3-5 mm, and formed a mass of little traps, they never seemed to do well...
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Thankyou all for the warm welcome!
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Hello all! My first post on this forum! Well live in Auckland NZ, but originally from Christchurch. Been growing CP's now since the late 80's, was a member of the NZCPS but my membership lagged quite some time ago :blush: I mainly grow Sarracenia, all out doors, I do have a couple of Neps...