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  1. CP30

    Free Nep seed

    Lots of flowers this summer! I had one female and 4-5 males flowering at the same time. The female is a N alata x maxima from Jeremiah Harris that I have had for more than 7 years (an old pic is linked on my growlist). I have at least 80 seed pods on 2 spikes; I have harvested 1 spike and the...
  2. CP30

    Nep trade - multiple plants / cuttings!!

    Closed for the season - Enjoy the snow all you yanks! I will have more rooted cutting available in the spring - - and that starts early here.... STILL MORE LEFT LOOK BELOW - I am sending out mostly 2 node cuttings except where requested. I have finally had to bring most of the neps in the...
  3. CP30

    He's HERE!

    Days like yesterday really challnge my love for cp's. While my neighbors are kicked back quaffing a few I was still sweating and lugging plants to safety. (note to self - gotta get a hurricane proof greenhouse). Gustav is finally here and in a day or two I will lug them all back to their spots...
  4. CP30

    My nep pics

    Making a come back after my 10 day vacation in July when the battery operated sprinkler timer failed. I wish I had taken some pics before I left! I trimmed off a bucket full of dried out pitchers....:0o: This is my 6' x 8' outdoor shaded grow area. It faces E-SE with the brick wall on the N-NW...
  5. CP30

    konjac question

    I have been growing my Amorphallus konjacs under cover near my front door all year where it is shaded from midday and evening sun but gets full sun until about noon. In the last week to 10 daysI have noticed leaf edges curling and browning. I know this guys will go dormant, but this seems rather...
  6. CP30

    NIght Blooming Cereus

    After 3 year of waiting (or actually maybe 4) I finally got blooms on one of my Epiphyllum crenatum!! My wife missed them cuz she did not want to go outside - her loss! They were gorgeous and smelled FANTASTIC! I was hoping to get 2 days of bloom or more, but I think the 94F heat did them in...
  7. CP30

    a pest problem

    Instead of describing my pest problem I will post pics. I have isolated the 2 trays of infected plants and I have treated with commercial Orthene and it seems to be doing the trick, but what are these? I have never had to deal with these before. Should I do anything else (other than the...
  8. CP30

    Upcoming Orlando visit

    Hey all - I am heading to Orlando next week for what else? a business meeting......for 3 days and nights.... help save me! I am sure they will have all the "entertainment" arranged, but I need something more substantial - CP'S!!! Are there any cp's to see near town or growers to visit? I will...
  9. CP30

    Struggling utrics

    I have found a renewed desire for thriving flowering utrics. I have had several species for several years, but have not seen them following flower, or even seem to thrive. I have looked online and in other forums, but have found conflicting info and many, many "best practices". I am looking for...
  10. CP30

    2 ID's in question

    The first was a plug of moss I planted for my little girl, but I do not remember where it came from. I thought it was only moss - imagine my surprise when these leaves popped out. A genlisea or a utric? type? The second came to me as nelumbifolia, but the more I read the more I question this...
  11. CP30

    alata disease?

    I have not seen this before: Any ideas?
  12. CP30

    Gluttony: a deadly sin

    We had our spring swarming of love bugs this past month. They apparently REALLY like light color sarrs.....and the sarrs liked them a bit too much, as well. I meant to get some pics of the tiny critters filled to overflowing in the flavas and alatas and the leucos - they were struggling to get...
  13. CP30

    Spring Pics

    Before they get too sunburned....I moved my neps back outside and have removed some of their shade cloth for spring sun. Last year they were fully protected with cloth, this year I plan to only cover overhead and experiment with which need and can take more sun - hot sticky Louisiana sun...
  14. CP30

    Some sping pitchers

    A couple of pictures of some spring pitchers: Royal Ruby - a future cultivar (?) of Moorei 'Big Red' - it will look even better later Mooreii (#2 Yellow River, FL) Flava Copper Top Flava rubricorporea Leuco Ctenium Fields, Perdido, FL - no flower this year, it is supposed to be orange...
  15. CP30

    declining purp

    I have had 3 purps in a tub bog for the past 3 years (maybe 4). The antho cyanin free is declining significantly, the rosea seems to be declining slightly, and the ssp. venosa seems to be thriving! Thoughts? I was thinking of repotting the 2 declining purps - I might just re fill the entire...
  16. CP30

    This Year's Copper Top

    Some spring pics of my Copper Top still coloring up strong A small pot I divided last year
  17. CP30

    Spring Pics

    A few of my VFTs now: Big Mouth in a cup Big Mouth in a pot Fang Dentate Cupped trap Red Dragon a typical group shots
  18. CP30

    anyone have Jaws x Red Dragon?

    A few years ago I received a Jaws x Red Dragon from BobZ. As my VFTs are coming out of dormancy now I noticed something weird - the 2 divisions I made now "look" very different. I am sure one of the tags got moved.....dern kids....I do not have any pics of this plant and cannot find any. I seem...
  19. CP30

    temperature concern

    It has been in the 80's here for more than a few weeks(with nights in the 70s), so I moved all my neps out from their winter resting on a cramped set of grow racks in the garage to their outdoor shaded area. Now I see that it will dip into the low 40's and maybe even to 38 by Sunday night...
  20. CP30

    Ceph from seed?

    I am ready to sow some ceph seeds that I have had in the fridge for 3 months now. I have read what I could find about sowing ceph seed, but it hasn't been much. My questions are: Have you been successful with this? If so, what did you do? If not, what did you do? Thanks for your help!