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    Trying to cool a new highland terrarium

    An update after some modifications: I added a radiator inside the fridge and submerged it in water; I also replaced the fan connected to the radiator inside the terrarium with a stronger fan by Noctua, per another tip I got (airflow is indeed much stronger). Due to the additional radiator inside...
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    Trying to cool a new highland terrarium

    You mean add a fan to the radiator inside the fridge?
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    Trying to cool a new highland terrarium

    Thank you both for the detailed response and the suggestions. I'll start as Av8tor1 suggested by replacing the copper coil with a radiator (perhaps a larger one of 240mm and not 120mm?) and see if that helps. If it doesn't and if I do go in the direction of a larger, cool reservoir of water...
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    Trying to cool a new highland terrarium

    I'm trying to build a new highland terrarium, using air blowing through cooled water to lower the temperature inside the terrarium. The terrarium is built of styrofoam, with fluorescent lights above it. The water cooling approach is based on projects such as...
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    Pitcher of the Month January 2016

    My entry - newest pitcher on my N. rafflesiana:
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    Red Lowii's plants

    Very impressive plants! Did you grow your veitchii from seed?
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    Rust-like marks on leaves

    So I thought I should reply (and thank) those who gave advice... At the time, the one plant I posted the picture of was the only one which showed any symptoms, but several days later I noticed other plants started showing symptoms, including stalled growth and deformed leaves. I used neem oil...
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    Rust-like marks on leaves

    Thanks for the quick replies. @Zath - it's not dry, the medium is moist just like every other plant in the terrarium. Most of the 'dead material' you see is part of an old stem that died over a year ago. @Whimgrinder - I just looked under the leaves and I see nothing. This plant is a hybrid...
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    Rust-like marks on leaves

    Hi all, A single (hybrid) nepenthes in my terrarium (out of dozens of plants) is showing these rust-like marks on all leaves. These marks started showing up a few weeks ago. None of the other plants sitting next to it are showing any such signs. Do you know what could be the reason? And what...
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    U. Livida - Growing Tips?

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'll give it some more time in its conditions; perhaps when spring arrives the increased photo-period will induce flowering.
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    U. Livida - Growing Tips?

    I got a very small clump of U. Livida a little over a year ago. I used a mixture of peat and perlite as a substrate, and placed it in a water tray next to my sundews (due to space constraints), under a set of fluorescent lights, and where the temperature range is approximately 20-25 deg...
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    Pitcher of the Month May 2012

    My newest N. miranda pitcher:
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    N. Miranda growing but not really pitchering.

    I also say go easy on the fertilizer and just give it time. If I'm not mistaken, N. miranda is a lowland/intermediate hybrid, and as such doesn't require nighttime temperature drops; mine has been growing in lowland conditions for 2 years and is extremely happy.
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    N. Mikei blackening leaves - is this a problem ??

    Thanks Tony, I thought that the little leaf tip peaking from the top gives reason for optimism, but I guess not.
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    N. Mikei blackening leaves - is this a problem ??

    I appreciate the replies. I'm still keeping my hopes high, since the growing tip is not blackened, and I'll keep an eye on it. Whimgrinder - bagging up plants and placing in the terrarium is something which I've done to all my plants, and so far - successfully (obviously, this doesn't mean this...
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    N. Mikei blackening leaves - is this a problem ??

    Hey guys, I received an N. Mikei a few weeks ago, potted it in an equal part sphagnum moss/peat/perlite/coconut chips mix, bagged it up and placed in a terrarium under lights next to the rest of the neps. A few days ago, I noticed that the leaves have started blackening near the growing point...
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    Whats wrong with this amp?

    This happened to my N. Ampullaria as well (see http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121608). I checked the roots and found out a large percentage was rotting, so I replaced the media from peat to a more airy one (mix of peat/perlite/coco fiber). I also made sure the leaves are kept...
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    Northiana Question

    You might have been referring to this: http://pitcherplants.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=general&thread=9846&page=1#84000
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    Nepenthes seed germination

    I followed Dave Evans' guidelines posted here: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=109667, with a slightly different mix (~1:1:1 LFS/peat/perlite). Here are pics of my N. Sanguinea which I harvested in February:
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    Pitcher of the Month contest February 2011

    My first submission, N. ventricosa: