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  1. Plant Planter

    Raccoon Deterrent

    Yes, yes, I know. It's a really weird request. :blush: But I really need some help with this. The local raccoons have been driving me MAD lately. :cuss: Normally I wouldn't mind having them around since all they really do is eat a bit of my cats' dry food, but one of my cats just delivered a...
  2. Plant Planter

    Cattleya & Brassavola Fertilizer

    Yes, indeed, it appears that the One with the Uncreative Name has fallen under the spell of orchidelirium. I just picked up some Cattleya and Brassavola. I'm currently researching how to grow them and have just about all my care information secured, except I am unsure about fertilizer, since...
  3. Plant Planter

    Drosera ID

    The one with the Uncreative Name has returned with another question. (I have sooooooo many questions. :p) If any of you who currently are reading this have stumbled upon my Interactive Grow List and Eat Counts :water: and/or my photo thread, you would know that I have a lovely Drosera spatulata...
  4. Plant Planter

    Pitcherless Plant

    Yes, indeed, the one with the uncreative name has returned, with yet another question. (I have so many questions. :p) If you've checked out my photo thread at all, you would know that my poor little Nepenthes fusca is unfortunately pitcherless. I know that this is a sign that something is...
  5. Plant Planter

    Need Heliamphora Care Tips

    Yes, indeed, the one with the uncreative name has returned, with yet more questions. (I have sooooo many questions. :p) Okay, I'm planning on ordering a Heliamphora minor. I do know that these plants are more difficult that plants like Venus flytraps or Drosera capensis. I have a setup waiting...
  6. Plant Planter

    Plant Planter's Photo Thread

    Unfortunately I don't have many plants to take photos of. Oh well. I'll update this thread periodically whenever something neat happens. A lovely Sarracenia leucophylla 'Tarnok' pitcher that's grown to be over a foot tall. It hasn't quite finished opening yet. <a...
  7. Plant Planter

    Has Anyone Else Noticed This?

    My typical and "Dentate Traps" Venus flytraps both have generated at least one flower stalk with me; the former I cut off. My typical plant began making a SECOND, which I also cut off (which you'd know if you've looked at my Grow List and Eat Counts recently). Both times, only a couple weeks...
  8. Plant Planter

    "Cupped Trap" Issue

    Before I start this thread, I will inform you that this issue is not the infamous Curved-Leaf Syndrome. This issue is not the infamous Curved-Leaf Syndrome. Yes, indeed, it is I, Plant Planter, the one with the uncreative name, and my "Cupped Trap" plant is ailing. Here's the deal. My lovely...
  9. Plant Planter

    Nepenthes Pullings?

    Yes, indeed, the one with the uncreative name has returned, with yet another question. (I have so many questions. :p) I'm sure all of you (or most of you) are familiar with the "leaf pulling" procedure for Venus flytraps: dig up the plant, pull down an outside leaf with some white base, plant...
  10. Plant Planter

    Passion Flowers from Seed

    Yes, indeed, I am Plant Planter, the one with the uncreative name, and I would like to start a Passiflora caerulea from seed. I've been busy researching their needs online for a while, but I have not found any consistent information, especially about planting the seeds. Some sites say peat and...
  11. Plant Planter

    More Nepenthes Questions!

    Yes, indeed, I am Plant Planter, and I have decided to order a lovely Nepenthes fusca. Seeing how these plants are tropical and how I only have experience taking care of temperate plants, I have some questions that I would greatly appreciate answers to. (Whoopee, more questions. :p) I have...
  12. Plant Planter

    Venus Flytrap Fertilizing?

    Hello, everyone, I am Plant Planter, and (surprise!) I have another question which I have not had success finding consistent answers for. (I have so many questions. :p) Can I fertilize my Venus Flytrap (in any way, shape, or form), and if so, with what? You see, my lovely typical Venus flytrap...
  13. Plant Planter

    Nepenthes Questions

    Hello, everyone, I am Plant Planter, and I have not a single Nepenthes plant. BUT, hopefully that is about to change. I have found this wonderful pitcher plant, but the species was not specified, and so my questions could not be answered. (I have so many questions. :p) If possible, what...
  14. Plant Planter

    "Cupped Trap" Questions

    My brand new "Cupped Trap" Venus flytrap that I purchased today :boogie: is looking healthy, but, seeing as how I have zero experience taking care of genetic accidents, I have a few questions. (I have so many questions. :p) 1. Obviously, since the traps are mutated, they cannot close all the...
  15. Plant Planter

    Leaf Cutting Care

    In an attempt to clone my now vigorous flytrap, I took a leaf cutting, since it's just the beginning of spring, it's still cold here in northern Ohio, and I don't want to risk my plant, especially since I just discovered that it's beginning to divide. How am I supposed to take care of a leaf...
  16. Plant Planter


    My Pinguicula primuliflora that I have owned for roughly two and a half weeks clearly has at least four separate plants in its pot. The question is: Should I divide my butterworts, and if so, at what time?
  17. Plant Planter

    Plant Planter's Grow List

    Plant Planter's Interactive Grow List If you need any information about my plants (pictures, care tips, etc.), one word: Google. Just click on the name and let the computer do the rest. CARNIVORES Dionaea Typical plant 'Cupped Trap' 'Dentate Traps' 'Green Dragon' 'King Henry' Drosera None...
  18. Plant Planter


    My Drosera spatulata that I have owned for now a month clearly has more than one plant in the pot. However, it might not have had enough time to recover from the nursery. I know the proper soil mix to use for carnivorous plants, so should I separate the plants, and if so, at what time? :confused:
  19. Plant Planter


    My Drosera spatulata that I bought has now been in my possession for about a month. When I purchased it from my local nursery, it already had a wilted flower stalk, which I would assume will impact its future health. Now, after two weeks of my (hopefully) wonderful care, it's beginning to...
  20. Plant Planter

    Leaf Growth Issue

    My Venus flytrap is growing leaves, but rather that staying upright, they always arc downward into the soil; other than that they're fine. What might cause this irregularity? My hypotheses are low humidity, low light, bad water, poor air circulation, or my sundew and butterwort making something...