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    Looking For (trade) Fresh Drosera Seed or Any CP seed

    I have a drosera capensis that just finished flowering i might be able to send you some of those once i collect them..
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Been on a GG Allin kick for the past 2 weeks my neighbors probably think im a wing nut haha. My neps dont seem to mind..
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    "Long Leaf" Cape Sundew sudden health decrease

    Im just saying that there are small variants in plants that have been bred and re bred in captivity than ones growing in the wild small variants and youre right that it hasent been that long to establish variance that much all im saying is that there is some, as for mine i honestly dont know...
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    "Long Leaf" Cape Sundew sudden health decrease

    Mine on the other had when it goes below 70 it starts loosing its dew and leaves will brown at the edges if its for more than a day, i think alot of it can come down to how its parent plant was bred ect. Cause plants in captivity and plants in the wild usually bear some different characteristics...
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    "Long Leaf" Cape Sundew sudden health decrease

    Seems like the weather is the problem thats too cold for it they probably dont like it anywhere below 70 i believe, they are extremely forgiving though, i would just get it to some warmer temps and it should bounce back just fine! And also they dont go dormant. Happy growing :)
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    If you had the chance to make any nepenthes cross?

    Id actually like to see a hamata x lowii crossed with a lowii idk how that works but i feel like the outcome would be interesting?
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    If you had the chance to make any nepenthes cross?

    rajah x attenboroughii would be quite spectacular!
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    If you had the chance to make any nepenthes cross?

    If you had the chance to cross breed any two (or more) nepenthes species what would they be? I feel like this could be a fun discussion. Mine would be an inermis x lowii...
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    Deminishing leaf size help

    I have heard that this species like ultra-highland conditions and it can have deformed leaves if those conditions aren't met. Your temps are definitely highland maybe the day temps are a tad bit too high for it? I don't see that being the case but thats just what i have heard about it.
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    Cephs in CO

    Im sorry to hear about your loss.. but amazing seed grown cephs they look amazing. I also heard that the sudden collapse syndrome is usually after repotting and that it could be due to them getting their roots touched? I just started growing cephs myself i got a brand new one yesterday actually...
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    My small intermediate terrarium

    Beautiful plants!! i have a 2 sarracenia purpeas one is a venosa and i forget the other one but they were my first ever plants and grew from 2inch pots to 6 inch pots in like 4 months indoors. That ampullaria looks like it's gonna be quite spectacular!!
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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    Also figured to best way to solve this for now was that i got a seedling mat with a temp control and i can bring the temp up during the day and at night it will fall to normal.. problem solved i hope?
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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    Yeah except my bite got infected and became contagious to the point that my 71 year old mother in Florida had me get her a vft from Wal-Mart and "set it up" when i was down there lol, also got a nepenthes from home Depot down there with 3 growth points things huge and i managed to bring it on...
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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    Also was thinking about getting a seedling mat or 2 and keeping it on a timer so that i could bring up the temperature during the day and then let it go down at night give them at least a q0 degree drop using that and then keeping the room more cold as well? Cause i sometimes manage to get it...
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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    Thank yall i mean i am almost definitely going to get a swamp cooler within the next month or 2 just to maximize growth but i dont think ill be adding anything crazy as much as i would love to have a inermis or full size lowii i live in a studio apartment in nyc i only started growing in june of...
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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    Yeah ive been trying to cool them down but nothing works to move them to where my ac is would be extremely problematic i live in a studio in nyc so im probably going to get a swamp cooler at some point..
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    Help Nepenthes Temperature drop problems?

    Hey so i am growing some nepenthes i was told that all of them are intermediates and dont need a temperature drop. It was getting too cood on my windowsill so i moved them to the bathroom but it stays are 74 degrees at all times basically with humidity at 60% minimum. My question is do these...
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    amphirion's real plastic plants thread aka Haworthia

    Yeah no i figured i was gonna post my haworthias regardless. But if you're interested in springtime im big on cacti and random succulents in general.
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    Sudden Black rot on pitchers???

    Thing is that temperatures haven't dropped since this started its slowly gotten a little colder but slowly and nothing crazy and the humidity is good i had 90% humidity last night i had to slow my humidifier down cause i live in a studio apartment and am not trying to get mold lol but i cut the...