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  1. Foxoftherose

    Tennessee Aquarium plants (Dial up warning)

    I love the Tennessee Aquarium, but I had no idea that they had such a nice plant display! Any IDs on these would be welcome, but I can look them up myself if it's too much trouble.
  2. Foxoftherose

    New Grower's Troubleshooting Guide (playful tease)

    So true! I've been on a bunch of reptile forums recently, and it's insane how well this fits in regard to herps! I believe I'll cross post this, if you don't mind.
  3. Foxoftherose


    I've been gone for a while, but I'm back now! Sorry for the unexpected absence. Starting in June, we had a drought that killed most of my outdoor plants. All that I have left outside are my Colorado Giant VFT, my Scarlett Belle, and my Dana's Delight. I'm crushed by the loss, but I know now that...
  4. Foxoftherose

    Fox's picture thread

    A few updates: Nepenthes burkei By foxoftherose at 2012-05-17 By foxoftherose at 2012-05-17 Pinguicula 'Pirouette' By foxoftherose at 2012-05-17
  5. Foxoftherose

    Happy Birthday Thez-yo!

    Happy birthday!
  6. Foxoftherose

    Happy Birthday, Lance!

    Hope you have a good one!
  7. Foxoftherose

    Hello from Oxford, AL

    You're not that far from me! I'm in Huntsville. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Foxoftherose

    Bidding is addictive

    Heh, nearly everything is already out of my price range...
  9. Foxoftherose

    Southeastern growers

    I adore Chattanooga, and it seems like a good central location, although it's a bit far for our more southerly members. Atlanta would be good too, but I hate that traffic with a passion. I don't know the specific location of many CP sites, but I know a bit of other nature related stuff to do in...
  10. Foxoftherose

    Southeastern growers

    There was a thread like this six years ago, so I figured it was time for a new one. I'm looking for carnivorous plant growers in the southeastern US who would like to get together some time in the next year or so. There is supposedly a southeastern carnivorous plant society, but it seems...
  11. Foxoftherose

    Fox's picture thread

    Here's a few from my visit to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens: Some Sarracenia leucophylla By foxoftherose at 2012-04-24 Not sure what hybrid this is, but it seems to have some purpurea heritage By foxoftherose at 2012-04-24 And a HUGE flower. This was about the size of my hand By...
  12. Foxoftherose

    Metal Gear Solid for PS1 (No Winner)

    By foxoftherose at 2012-04-24 Copy of Metal Gear Solid for PS1, PS2, or PS3. Buyer pays shipping, which will be ~$7. Sorry, I cannot ship outside of the US and Canada. Bidding starts at $5.
  13. Foxoftherose

    Final Fantasy IX for PS1 (No Winner)

    By foxoftherose at 2012-04-24 Unopened copy of Final Fantasy IX for PS1, PS2, and PS3. Buyer pays shipping (~$7). Sorry, I can only ship to US and Canada. Bidding opens at $5.
  14. Foxoftherose

    Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (No Winner)

    By foxoftherose at 2012-04-24 Near mint condition copy of Final Fantasy VIII, for PS1, PS2, and PS3. Buyer pays shipping (~$7), and I'll start the bidding at $5. Sorry, I can only ship this within the US and Canada.