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  1. scottychaos

    My poor plants! (longest..dormancy..ever!)

    This spring marks 20 years that I have been growing CP's! :) I started my collection in the Spring of 1994, I was 25 years old and had just moved to Rochester for a new job.. Some of my VFT's, and a S. leucophylla or two, are probably those original 20 year old plants! ;) (I have no idea which...
  2. scottychaos

    Leah Wilkerson Division for trade.

    Hey everyone, I have a division of "Leah Wilkerson" I would like to trade! My Leah I bought directly from Brooks Garcia in 2005, and it came directly from the Wilkerson bog. (I still have the email paper trail to prove it! :) if anyone would like that along with the plant..) Here is a photo...
  3. scottychaos

    VFT Cartoon

    In today's Sunday Paper! and..its anatomically correct! ;) he did his homework..nice. http://www.speedbump.com/ Scot
  4. scottychaos

    Kid-catching Cephalotus.

    check it out! pretty cool: http://pila.nl/200706cephalotus/
  5. scottychaos

    FIVE months of dormancy!

    Going for an all-time personal CP record this year.. My VFTs and Sarracenia will be in deep dormancy for a full 5 months this year! Im a little nervous about it, but it will probably be fine.. This will be my 18th year of growing CP's! :-O For the first 16 years, I would always put the plants...
  6. scottychaos

    This forum is 10 years old!

    This forum is 10 years old! :clap: If you go to the "members" list, then sort by "join date" http://www.terraforums.com/forums/memberlist.php?&pp=30&order=asc&sort=joindate You will see the oldest listed member is "Philtrapguy" who joined on March 3, 2001. (was Phil the original admin? I think...
  7. scottychaos

    Exo's avatar

    So when you look at Exo's avatar: Does your brain automatically add in sound? some sort of screaming sound that isnt really there? but that you simply cant turn off? :jester: my brain does..and its a very strange phenomenon.. is there a name for it? your brain making up sound...
  8. scottychaos

    DIY Rain Barrel..

    Made a new rain barrel this year! :) here is a photo of the old one: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u45/scottychaos/CP/CP2008-087.jpg I made a video of the new one: <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  9. scottychaos

    Heads-up Rochester, NY

    Thought I would post this good deal! Garden Factory, on Buffalo Road in Gates (west side of the city) has some decent Sarracenia marked down to $2 each! a few are in rough shape, but some are still nice.. they only have three varieties, and only about 10-15 plants total.. leucophylla "tarnoc"...
  10. scottychaos

    Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis AL-02

    Years ago..maybe 7-10 years ago, the ICPS had an offer of Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis plants..the goal was to get a lot of plants out in cultivation, as a means to help save the very endangered variety.. At that time, I received a Sarracenia rubra ssp. alabamensis AL-02 (ICPS Location...
  11. scottychaos

    Hope and Change! woo!

    There is hope yet for America.. returning from the brink..
  12. scottychaos

    Winter is half over!

    (I post this every year! ;) Today is January 15th..this marks the half-way point of winter for those of us in the Northern US and Canada! :-O How do I figure that? easy..Winter is 5 months long..it is the entire months of November, December, January, February and March..So January 15th is half...
  13. scottychaos

    Music Videos - O/T

    I used to love music videos! I was a teenager in the 80's..I was right there with the early days of MTV.. back in the day, (mid-80's) MTV played all the "pop" videos, the top-40, and VH1 was the "Adult Contemporary" more mature version of MTV.. both played videos 24/7.. then something...
  14. scottychaos

    Weird code in my webpage..

    I dont what is going on here..some kind of weird hijacking or something.. one of my webpages, this one: http://gold.mylargescale.com/scottychaos/Ariens/Page5.html has all kinds of code in it that I didnt put there! look at the source, and search for "yimg"..lots of code like...
  15. scottychaos

    annoying forum feature

    I have noticed this recently..new feature or a bug? you reply to a message.. after posting, you want to reply to another message in the same thread.. but no one but you has posted yet.. it adds your new reply into your previous post! like this: first post,,blah blah blah.. ---------- Post...
  16. scottychaos

    More about very tiny fish tanks/containers.

    I have often said on this forum that "If I were king of the world, 10 gallon aquariums and goldfish bowls would be illegal" Things like small goldfish bowls, tiny betta containers, the hideous "betta vases" and the like, are basically animal cruelty and should be illegal.. the only reason they...
  17. scottychaos

    "Eclipse spooks superstitious"

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20090720/sc_afp/scienceastronomyeclipseasiatourismsuperstition My conclusion from this story?? that there are too many "journalists" in the world that dont have enough to do.. I think we are swamped with too many amatuer wannabe journalists, especially in "internet...
  18. scottychaos

    Most hardy Sarracenia for a northern bog.

    Next Spring, 2010, I think my wife and I are finally going to build our ornamental pond in the backyard..we have it planned out, about 6x8 feet, and 2 feet deep. As part of the pond, I definitely want to try an outdoor CP bog! :banana2: something I have wanted to try for many years, but haven't...
  19. scottychaos

    February 12th

    Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln, born 200 years ago today. Happy Birthday Charles Darwin, born 200 years ago today. Happy Birthday Christina Ricci, born 29 years ago today..(I've always liked her) and happy birthday..me! born 40 years ago today.. I always knew I shared the same birthday with...
  20. scottychaos

    News Boycot

    I cant take it anymore.. Im very "well read" when it comes to current events.. I get the newspaper delivered 7 days a week.. It take it into work with me and read it at lunch.. then read Sat and Sun editions at home.. Driving to and from work, I listen to a local news/talk radio station...