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  1. Capslock

    Capslock's pic thread

    Hi all, I guess I'll make a permanent pic thread too! First of all, my outdoor plants made it through another winter! The N.xPredator took the most damage, and I had to move the N. thorelii x aristo indoors due to cold damage. The rest cruised through: Here's N. platychila x veitchii. I...
  2. Capslock

    Things are starting to come back

    Finally things are picking up in the grow room. No sign of returning pests so hopefully it will be a good summer. This is N. xTiveyi. Healthy uppers forming and a nice basal: I have a couple N. platychila uppers right now: I had to spin this one around: Love, love, love N. Dyeriana for...
  3. Capslock

    First pic thread in forever

    Hey! So, I'm just recovering from a year-long, near catastrophic bout with pests of various sorts, from that Hawaiin white scale to thrips to munching caterpillar things, and so on. I attribute it to the long-term use of fertilizers with indoor tray-based growing and hand watering, but that's...
  4. Capslock

    Some random neps and nice hybrids

    Let's start with some unusual hybrids. N. eyvelospama (N. (eymae x veitchii) x (lowii x (spathulata x maxima)). The peristome starts out a little stripey but quickly gets this solid bronze color. The next leaf and tendril are MUCH bigger so I'm looking forward to a big next pitcher. Here's...
  5. Capslock

    Pics pics pics!

    Here we go! In no particular order.. One of the good ones, N. spectabilis x veitchii: A similar robust hybrid, N. veitchii x boschiana: I just repotted this and have high hopes, N. izumae x TM: The next pitcher will be the real deal, but here is an almost-upper N. vogelii: A promising...
  6. Capslock

    N. campanulata x (spect x tal) - 2 Clones

    Here are two very different siblings of N. campanulata x (spectabilis x talangensis).
  7. Capslock

    June Nepenthes!

    Here are some pics I took yesterday. First, a milestone for me - my first lowii upper! w00t! How about a Dyeriana? N. Splendiana x Judith Finn. I haven't seen other pics of this yet: I know others out there are growing N. Eyvelospama! It's really N. (eymae x veitchii) x (lowii x...
  8. Capslock

    On the theme of outdoor neps...

    Here are the only two that grow outdoors well for me, and both are aristolochioides hybrids. These are outdoors all year round on my deck. They've lived through freezes and 100 degree heatwaves. I water them with a hose. First is N. ventricosa x aristolochioides, the most bulletproof nepenthes...
  9. Capslock

    I made a movie of a nepenthes pitcher opening!

    Check it out! I got a "GardenWatchCam" from brinno, and this is the first movie I've made with it. It took photos every hour for 8 days to make this movie. It's not perfect, but it's not bad for a first effort with the new cam! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gncaq_OauqY PS: Can you embed...
  10. Capslock

    Sarracenia catesbaei winner Frilleon $10

    Sarracenia catesbaei I pay shipping. US only. $1
  11. Capslock

    N. maxima "mini" Lake Poso winner Ant $22

    N. maxima "mini" Lake Poso, 1600m. From seed. US only. I pay shipping. Bidding starts at a buck.
  12. Capslock

    N. ventricosa x angasanensis. Rooted cutting. winner hamata $30

    Freshly rooted cutting with no pitchers. This is proving to be a very good hybrid - ask around! From the mother plant: US only. I pay shipping. Bidding starts at a buck.
  13. Capslock

    N. maxima x Trusmadiensis winner Ant $27

    Here's a small N. maxima x TM I pay shipping. US only. Bidding starts at $1.
  14. Capslock

    New Years Neps

    Hey guys, I haven't been around much - too busy. Anyway, enough chit chat. Neps! First, one of my homebrew hybrids, N. (thorellii x aristo) x truncata Steady N. sp. 1: N. boschiana x unknown - this one is different from the others, and is very showy: Another homebrew hybrid, N. khasiana x...
  15. Capslock

    What the hell is this?... and some pics.

    Hey, So my N. veitchii x lowii flowered a while back, and took a good while to start growing again - and the leaf following the flower made this strange thin tendril going down to this curiosity: A closer look at the underside: What the heck is that??? Anyway, while you're here looking...
  16. Capslock

    Big batch of spring pics

    Spring has sprung around here, and it's time to take some pics! First, the outdoor dwellers. The Darlingtonia have arrived and I really should trim last year's pitchers: N. ventricosa x aristolochioides proves again to be impervious to cold by spending a third straight year outdoors on my...
  17. Capslock

    N. spectabilis x ventricosa unrooted cutting DrWurm $14

    This auction is for the magnificent N. spectabilis x ventricosa. I will take the cutting the day I ship it. This plant is male, and a great, vigorous grower. Standard disclaimers regarding unrooted cuttings apply. :) One of the best peristomes in the nepenthes world! Bright red and black...
  18. Capslock

    N. Splendiana x Mixta seedling Frilleon $20

    Here's another hybrid seedling made from N. Splendiana. This one is crossed with N. Mixta. I pay shipping, USA Only, and bidding starts at $2. Max
  19. Capslock

    Big group of seedlings, N. (eymae x veitchii)x(lowii x (spatulata x maxima)) Peat $55

    Wanna grow out a bunch of seedlings? Try this batch - I'd guess there are about 8 or so here. N. (eymae x veitchii) x (lowii x (spathulata x maxima)). I pay shipping, USA only, and bidding starts at $2. Max
  20. Capslock

    N. ovata from seed! aaddaam $35

    No tissue culture clone here - this one is grown from seed. It's just getting started but has "caught on" and started to increase in size. USA only, I pay shipping, bidding starts at $2. Max