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  1. Meaven

    Rust vs plants

    steel, i imagine. its just an old grain barrel with a spigot attatched to the side
  2. Meaven

    Rust vs plants

    its a gutter system attacthed to a large wooden trellice in my yard, the only runoff is via wood
  3. Meaven

    Rust vs plants

    this year i finally got a rain barrel set up, but its a bit old, its now entirely full though! only problem is that theres a noticable rust-hue to the water. will this hurt my plants if i water them with this water?
  4. Meaven

    Need help with the sphagnum moss

    man i love this stuff. i finally had some popping out of some cheap milled sphag i bough a long time ago and cultivated it out of a single sprout, now its everywhere and BEAUTIFUL. its crazy in my hamata pot, its overflowing the sides. i've found that it grows well in just about any condition...
  5. Meaven

    anyone has similar problems with ladybugs?

    sinking goldfish food! its MAGICAL.
  6. Meaven

    Toilte Paper

    am i the only one who finds the hanging part of toilet paper referred to as the "tongue" deeply disturbing?
  7. Meaven

    Don't ask John Kerry questions...or else!

    you know, i had a friend who dated a girl with what we will call a "crazy switch". one day she got drunk and started to smack people and the police were called. when they arrived, they tried to settle her down, and she started smacking the cops, so she was tazered. she would not stop, her...
  8. Meaven

    Don't ask John Kerry questions...or else!

    being a person whos been tazed by a personal device on a bet, i can tell you 2 things about it- it is intensely painful, and would any battle pretty quickly. what bugs me here is how people jump right onto excessive force and "brutality". yeah, they probably didn't need to taze the guy, but...
  9. Meaven

    looking to start with heliamphora

    hi there! i've been growing for quite a while now and have had quite a bit of success, and would like to give heliamphora a try. my terrarium has really high humidity and is pretty tall to accommodate them. if anyone has any extras they can part with, send me a PM and we can work something...
  10. Meaven

    Has this every happened to anybody else?

    this may sound like a joke but im quite serious in all of this. Jehovah's witnesses come around my house about once a month, because there are 3 churches or whatever they call them nearby. i got sick of them one day so i opened the door and used their persistence against them. i asked them if...
  11. Meaven

    Cicada maddness

    i also have never seen a cicada. i grew up thinking that noise was the power lines. kinda weird.
  12. Meaven

    Frogs in Pitcher Plant

    cute little buggers. i wish we had climbing frogs in minnesota. we mostly have toads and bullfrogs...
  13. Meaven

    Anyone take the ACT?

    i did a 30 overall, and bombed on math, i think i brought in a 21 or 22, not sure its been a few years. the poor math is just a reflection of your thinking style. you're probably more creative and emotional than most people. if you do poorly on your math on the real ACT, colleges will look at...
  14. Meaven

    Sundew Capensis flower!

    cherish the first, dread the rest. you'll never see the end of these
  15. Meaven

    finished my terrarium!

    where did you find the front-open terrarium? i'd like to get one like that for in my living room
  16. Meaven

    Yellow Pitcher with a houseguest

    lol thats gonna be a tight fit. i've shied away from clearing spider webs lately. i dont have arachnophobia (i sleep in an unfinished basement...) but i was clearing some webs out of a purpurea and got bit by a pissed off inhabitant and got a pretty horrific infection where it got me...
  17. Meaven

    what if i feed this to a venus flytrap?

    lets not kill him just yet! but in any case, feeding VFTs is a bit of a dilemma. if they grow in your house, its unlikely that they will ever catch anything on their own. but when we try to feed them, more often then not we do more harm then good. so here is what i do. when i want to feed my...
  18. Meaven

    the names... THE NAMES!

    every once in a while its popped into my head to search for a database such as this but i always forgot about it before i got to my computer. today i finally did it and came up with this. its a searchable database containing many botanical epithets (latinized names, such as truncata...
  19. Meaven

    fast growing nepenthes

    my judith finn grew alarmingly fast when i first ogt it with about a 2 inch leafspan, about a pitcher a week. then when it reached about a 12-18 inch leafspan it slowed down incredibly, to about a pitcher every 1 or 2 months
  20. Meaven

    fast growing nepenthes

    heyo! im looking for some advice on fast growing nepenthes. i sent a friend to work with one of my many d. capensis, and after a few months its actually larger then any i have growing in my setup. anything fast growing is great. adaptable would be a plus too, but based on the success of the...