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  1. likeAstone76

    Finally ! MY AP24 with LR...

    I love nano reefs. Looks like you are off to a good start. Time to fill that baby up! What kind of corals are you interested in? Anything in particular? I have a 150 gallon reef/fish salty, and I am by far rich.:)
  2. likeAstone76

    Pipe Smokers

    I take it you're not a Hunter S. Thompson fan.
  3. likeAstone76

    Pipe Smokers

    I dont mind a good toke once in awhile.
  4. likeAstone76

    Photo of previously uncontaced tribes in S. America

    I imagine the people that would want to rush into the jungle, offer the natives enlightenment and modern convenience, wouldn't feel the same way if it was an undiscovered nepenthes, lizard, or something.
  5. likeAstone76

    My Nano-Cube 12g

    looks like your off to a good start. congrats! Is this your first one? I'm not an expert by any means, but it looks like sponge to me. Once your tank establishes it's self, you'll find all kinds of stuff like that growing all over. I have a royal gramma in my 180 gal., and it is one of...
  6. likeAstone76

    WARNING for ebay sellers...

    Down with Ebay :censor:
  7. likeAstone76

    My first pie!

    There are all kinds of different homemade crusts you can make. I make my key lime pie crust with soda crackers, slivered almonds, sugar, and butter. Sounds crazy, but is very good. Get some heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, lime juice, and whip up a topping to replace the merange. Much...
  8. likeAstone76

    Calling all reefers!!!!

  9. likeAstone76

    Father/daughter Talk

  10. likeAstone76

    Rockingham Arca Race

    Is that one of the long lost Waltrip brothers? :-D Great pics. Thanks for sharing.
  11. likeAstone76

    Favorite Music

    Clutch, Guns N Roses, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam Everything from mozart to metallica.
  12. likeAstone76

    beginner salty

    I agree. I might even lean towards the 55 gallon side more, but at the least 29 gallon. BUT, I also know that it is possible to have a 10 gallon reef. I kept one for about a year, so it's possible, just not recomended. I agree again. Not only the cost of getting properly started, but just...
  13. likeAstone76

    beginner salty

    Vast amounts of reef information. http://www.reefcentral.com/ This is where I have always bought fish and supplies from with excellent service. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/shop.cfm?c=3578 Do research on the types of fish you want, and make sure they are compatible with each other...
  14. likeAstone76

    New setup

    I have a 30 gallon, 3 chamber refugium (however you spell it). The water is piped out of my main tank through a filter box and 3 feet of basic plumbing, into the first chamber of the 30 gallon, then to the 2nd chamber with the skimmer, then through another filter made from filter floss from the...