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  1. NickHubbell

    Nepenthes chaniana

    First pitcher to open since received. Cut pitcher has an osmocote pellet in the bottom. This pitcher was damaged on arrival. The pitcher with the missing lid was damaged in shipping as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. NickHubbell

    Nepenthes jamban and mira

    Latest photos. Nepenthes Mira. Nepenthes jamban. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. NickHubbell

    Lowe’s Nepenthes

    Bought this about a month ago. Label says it’s a Nepenthes ventricosa. I have several Nepenthes x ventrata. Looking at this one I’m wondering if it’s just a chubby ventrata. Package label. Pitchers that it came with. Newest pitcher. Lighting is from red/blue led. Took photos with phone...
  4. NickHubbell

    Ohio bog trip

    Went to visit a bog here in Ohio. Been there many times in the past. Unfortunately, had been 10 years since last visit. There is a lot more overgrowth than I remember. Anyway, a few bad cell phone images. My dslr camera fogged up. Drosera rotundifolia had flower stalks up...
  5. NickHubbell

    Father’s day gift. Nepenthes x ventrata.

    Got these today as a father’s day gift. Funny pitcher that grew wrong. Now to find a good place for them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. NickHubbell

    My partial old grow list.

    What I once grew. Miss my Nepenthes the most. Not a complete list, just the only copy I was able to find. My old cp grow list: Nepenthes N. ventrata N. ampullaria N. bicalcarata N. rafflesiana N. sanguinea N. gracilis Dionaea D. muscipula 'Typical' D. muscipula 'Green Dragon' D. muscipula...
  7. NickHubbell

    Inexpensive LED grow light.

    Hello, does anyone have any experience using the castnoo LED 1000w fixture? From the information I have found is good for covering a 2ftx2ft area. Max 4ftx4ft area if less lightning is needed. Plan on using this for Nepenthes. My prior experience with lighting was using T8 and T12 lighting...
  8. NickHubbell

    Mini bog.

    Got a few Sarracenia and Venus flytraps over the weekend. One Venus flytrap turned out to be 2 in one pot. Setup a mini bog for them today. Plan to add some sundews later. Have a pot of, what I believe to be, Drosera spatulata I need to split apart. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. NickHubbell

    My new Nepenthes arrived.

    These are so tiny. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. NickHubbell


    Hello everyone. Was a member back in the early part of the forums before the new owner took over. Original join date was 7/31/2002. Left in 2004 or so. NickHubbell was the forum name. Anyway, getting back into some cps again. Starting with the basic Venus flytrap. Also have some nepenthes...
  11. NickHubbell

    Drosera filiformis var. filiformis

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone is currently growing the Florida all red Drosera filiformis var. filiformis. I got some seed today and wanted to see some photos of the plants if possible. I also noticed that the germination instructions say no stratification needed, no dormancy needed unless...
  12. NickHubbell

    Trip to meijer gardens carnivorous plant house

    Hello all. A few of us are getting together to make another trip to the Kenneth E. Nelson Carnivorous Plant House at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will be heading up early on Saturday, Oct. 30th to meet at the gardens. We will be staying overnight and returning home Sunday...
  13. NickHubbell

    'superman' christopher reeve dies at 52

    I was a little shocked today to see this headline on excite. Today will be a sad one for me. http://apnews.excite.com/article/20041011/D85L7UVO1.html
  14. NickHubbell

    Misting system

    I have been thinking about a misting system for a 6'L x 4'H x 2'W Nepenthes chamber. I am thinking between a greenhouse type misting system or a ultra sonic mister. The greenhouse like system would not actually include an electric pump or the computer control (a timer and ac adapter would be...
  15. NickHubbell

    Sundew egg plate

    We had a new store open here in Findlay that sells pottery that you paint in the store. Once painted, its fired and you can pick it up in a week or so. Anyway... my wife and I went in to paint something. My something turned out to be an egg plate. Although it didn't turn out like I thought it...
  16. NickHubbell

    Cluster housing development on armstrong road

    Just found this news story published on July, 21. 2004 Another bog threatend. http://www.zwire.com/site....8&rfi=6
  17. NickHubbell

    Unknown little ultricularia

    Hello, I noticed this little plant growing in my two of my pots about 5 months ago. The leaves are 4-6mm in length and about 1mm wide. The plants do flower regularly, however I have not seen them actually open, they are always either bud or spent. I am guessing they are only open for a very...
  18. NickHubbell

    Juncus effusus

    I picked this plant up a few weeks ago at a local nurcery. I found it similar to one of the plants that PlantAKiss posted in the NASC auction. Anyway... it says is a bog plant and needs wet soils. I am planning to use this in a larger bog garden this year but do not have much info on the plant...
  19. NickHubbell

    Short notice bog trip

    A couple of us will be visiting Triangle Lake Bog here in Ohio on Sunday. I know this is shot notice as this was last minute. I was thinking about meeting at the bog around 2:00PM, however this time may change. Further info will be posted later tonight. Some highlights of the bog: Sarracenia...
  20. NickHubbell

    1920's story and clark player piano

    Hello, I have an interesting trade offer. I have a 1924-26 Story and Clark Player Piano that needs total restoration. Due to recent developments, I am no longer able to store the piano for future restorations that I had planned myself. This piano weighs in at about 900lbs. I would like to...