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  1. unknownclown

    Hey there again :-) Just noticed I cant post pics... Posting Rules You may post new threads...

    Hey there again :-) Just noticed I cant post pics... Posting Rules You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your posts Is this supposed to be like that?
  2. unknownclown

    How Wet and Other Beginner Questions

    I think you got pretty much all the questions answered perfectly and would go with thier advice... I live in Everett just north of seattle and I can pretty much tell ya that they can grow outside no problem. I used to keep mine out on the deck and they did great all year round even thru dormacy...
  3. unknownclown

    Hey Andrew I just realized that I still have the super Mod powers :-P I do plan on being here...

    Hey Andrew I just realized that I still have the super Mod powers :-P I do plan on being here more steadily and wouldnt mind helpin out but will also understand if you strip me of my Modness. Hope the family is well and its good to see the site doin so well... lots of changes looks great! Shelly
  4. unknownclown

    Posting pics

    Um... well I used to be a mod guess I need to talk with someone if I need to get them priveleges stripped since I havent been here for ages or not... its been about 3-4 years so be gentle :-P I cant remember everything, after all I Am old...
  5. unknownclown

    VFT Cartoon

    Very cute
  6. unknownclown

    Posting pics

    So do I seriously have to get my pics hosted in order to be posted on here or am I just too daft on how to upload from my computer? :crazy:
  7. unknownclown

    Um... Howdy ya'all :-P

    Yeah Im back although I dont have much of a computer to be on quite t hat much at home... hubby is always on it for work and my laptop makes a lovely slab of um.... well never mind its just a slab not so lovely but I was gonna TRY and go in a possitive direction and got stuck... Thanks Kahnli...
  8. unknownclown

    Um... Howdy ya'all :-P

    Thanks Jim and everybody else :-)
  9. unknownclown

    Um... Howdy ya'all :-P

    Well thats alright I live in seattle and its sure to rain any moment and solve that problem
  10. unknownclown


    Dear lord!Ive been outta the picture for a while... what the heck is goin on with Tamllin? Ive gathered with my tiny widdle brain cells that he isnt alright though which is a damned shame. Ive never met him but I can easily say he would do just about anything to share his love of plants with...
  11. unknownclown

    Think these pots will work?

    They wont keep the soil wet enough unfortunately unless theres a hole in the bottom of the pot which I am assuming theres not. It wouldnt be that difficult to drill one though if you have your heart set on that specific pot just dont press down too hard as ya drill ;-)
  12. unknownclown

    double-headed dragon

    That is so cool!!! I want 1!!!
  13. unknownclown

    Um... Howdy ya'all :-P

    Dear Lord I cannot believe I remembered my password and that Andrew hasn't cancelled my account. :hail: Things have changed quite a bit here I see... tried to get on by **********.com but there is no link from there to here, are they still the same or was the store sold? Anyways Im sure there...
  14. unknownclown

    messing with sasquatch

    um... they are although I didnt see all of those on tv seen some different ones as well... I coulda missed some cause I was out of the country or they didnt make it on
  15. unknownclown

    ever wondered what an idiot looks like?

    I dunno they seem to be pretty smart look at how they ingeniously used thier sandals as a floatation device for the power strip... seriously though...Theres no way thats plugged in its obviously staged
  16. unknownclown

    New Poll. Do you Like...

    yeah they should posted with an expiration date and be killed after it expires... polls can be fun but in moderation
  17. unknownclown

    A little preview

    haha um yeah thats about what normally comes out :P
  18. unknownclown

    Why is there only trades and no sales here?

    think they may have it out for ya Jlap ???
  19. unknownclown

    Newbie from Md here

    awesome tanks :) welcome to the forums :)
  20. unknownclown

    Walmart stupidity

    wow a healthy plant from walmart... didnt think it were possible... maybe they just got them in? ;) Congrats on the new plant(s)