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  1. Meaven

    Rust vs plants

    this year i finally got a rain barrel set up, but its a bit old, its now entirely full though! only problem is that theres a noticable rust-hue to the water. will this hurt my plants if i water them with this water?
  2. Meaven

    looking to start with heliamphora

    hi there! i've been growing for quite a while now and have had quite a bit of success, and would like to give heliamphora a try. my terrarium has really high humidity and is pretty tall to accommodate them. if anyone has any extras they can part with, send me a PM and we can work something...
  3. Meaven

    the names... THE NAMES!

    every once in a while its popped into my head to search for a database such as this but i always forgot about it before i got to my computer. today i finally did it and came up with this. its a searchable database containing many botanical epithets (latinized names, such as truncata...
  4. Meaven

    fast growing nepenthes

    heyo! im looking for some advice on fast growing nepenthes. i sent a friend to work with one of my many d. capensis, and after a few months its actually larger then any i have growing in my setup. anything fast growing is great. adaptable would be a plus too, but based on the success of the...
  5. Meaven

    she's ready for your lovin!

    My N. ventrata flowers have begun to open and have revealed themselves to be female. it actually sent out two spikes simultaneously, so in any case, I'm open to two donors. If anyone would like to send me some pollen to breed with my female ventrata, PM me. I'll take the first two donors, and...
  6. Meaven

    flowering out of control

    all my sundews are flowering like mad. my Aliciae put out FIVE independent spikes at once. most of my dews have at least two. i wouldnt mind this, but this much flowering is causing my plants a lot of stress, so they look bad. what in the world could be causing this? i;d really like to stop...
  7. Meaven

    a first for me!

    cant believe this popped up, given that this is my alata's first summer outdoors, but it decided to flower! i havent had any of my neps do this for me yet, so i think its kinda sweet! oh, by the way, the picture sucks because it was taken at midnight. dont ask why.
  8. Meaven

    terrarium going-ons

    some news from my terrarium! aside from putting in a base of spagnum to start a farm, a few cool things have happened! for starters, my truncata successfully digested (that is, without development of mold) its first toad, and is growing pretty nicely... might be time to take it outside soon...
  9. Meaven

    Wicked cool mutation

    i had a D. Dielsiana that ended up dividing into 3 different plants about 4 months ago. the first continued on like the parent plant. the second spread out REEEEAAAALLY wide. and the third? well its gone crazy. its growing at nearly twice the rate of the other two plants and is spewing out...
  10. Meaven

    Looking for pygmies

    I was looking to get started with pygmies, so i gave ***** a try. so yeah, i feel like i got screwed. I've had good luck with ***** before. really, i have. generally, i have no problem with them at all. until i bought a D. Scorpiodes. the site lists it as "unpotted near flowering size" at...
  11. Meaven


    i recently repotted my alicaea and divided my 3 dielsianas, and since i have repotted them, they arent producing leaves, but flowering incessantly. is this normal? do they need some attention? I'd rather they not flower. the flowers are pretty dull and take up a lot of space. my last spike...
  12. Meaven

    This Months Questions

    i've got a notebook next to my terrarium, and even though im up to nearly 30 plants now, im still a total newbie at this. so, whenever a question pops into my head, i write it down. this is what i've compiled so far this month, if you guys could help me out at all, that would be great :hail...
  13. Meaven

    Time to go... BIGGER

    my nepenthenes are getting huge. my alata is over 3 feet tall now. the terrarium just is not working anymore. so, i'm converting the small workshop room in my house into a greenhouse-type environment. plastic sheeting over the walls and ceileng, humidifier, etc. i'm just not sure what kind...
  14. Meaven


    this may seem weird, but for the life of me i can't find a place that sells peat. its driving me crazy and i desparately have to do some repotting. i've tried bachmans, home depot, and a local nursery, but none of those have any. can anyone think of some other places to try?
  15. Meaven

    new plants to fill space

    need some advice on some CPs that can survive mildly shaded areas. theres a HUGE amount of space underneat the area where my nepenthenes are raised up, and light still does get down there, but its somewhat diffused by the nep leaves/pitchers. any type or CP works, im into everything
  16. Meaven

    2 Nepenthes

    a while ago aga posted a pic of some of his plants. anyone got an idea what the 2 Nepenthes with the arrows pointing to them are? they are very pretty. i asked on the thread at the time, but couldnt get an answer. thanks!
  17. Meaven

    centipedes... wtf

    centipedes living in the LFS of one of my neps. i have nooooo idea how they got there but i count at least 4. sadly i admit they terrify me. is it OK to just leave the little demons be? will they hurt the roots? or do they need to be destroyed....
  18. Meaven

    Mystery Ping

    got this guy from a local nursery for $2. its a RC. the parent plant was approximately 3" across, this one is about 1". Any ideas?
  19. Meaven

    tiny little roots...

    i;ve got about 15 esseriana cuttings getting pretty large in some pure vermiculite that are gonna need repotting soon. but the root are so small! how in the world do you plant these things??? normally, like when i repotted my VFT cuttings, i just kinda made a hole in the soil and lowered the...
  20. Meaven

    valentines day is coming....

    so maybe im jumping the gun a bit but im excited as #### to see my sarracenia growing again. i decided im going to try and build some bog-pots for outside. should be pretty easy. my question, however, is whether or not i'll have to get creative with dormancy again. i live in minnesota. it...