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  1. abcat1993

    Bulb Touching Screen

    No, my bulb is 6500K because I like the color better. Yes, it uses a regular socket. Thousand of lumens, lights my entire room significantly even with the other 300 watts of lighting. You would probably have to modify the reflector. They can light any amount of area, including up, so i would...
  2. abcat1993

    Bulb Touching Screen

    No, it's really a 100 watt CFL, I ordered it from 1000bulbs.com. Actually it's 105 watts. It's 11.5 five inches long and barely fits in the space between my tank and the next shelf on the rack. I also have an 18 watt T-8 over it.
  3. abcat1993

    Bulb Touching Screen

    I bought a 100 watt compact fluorescent bulb for my terrarium, and I was wondering if I could have it touching the metal screen, and later glass on my aquarium? I mean, is it bad for the bulb?
  4. abcat1993

    How do I separate a basal?

    What happens when you let it grow on the mother plant? Does it slow both of their growth, or does the mother plant give energy to the basal or what?
  5. abcat1993

    Inside a Car?

    That doesn't happen in Wisconsin.
  6. abcat1993

    N. 'David Parkyn'

    JLAP, I can't tell if your avatar is a hot dog, a frog, both, or neither.
  7. abcat1993


    Well that might be better than a few likely alternatives...
  8. abcat1993

    Your annoyances or peeves

    Now, that's one of those quotes you fall off your chair laughing.
  9. abcat1993


    WRONG! I think. I'm pretty sure they stay underground for 17 years, then come up after that time, when the ground reaches a certain temperature. This year is Brood XIII for us, and there are 13 broods.
  10. abcat1993


    This year it is the 17 year cicadas for the midwest, and hits the hardest where I live. I know they lay eggs in small tree parts (1/8 inch to 1/2 inch diameter) which usually kills that part, but will they lay eggs in my sarracenia or fly trap?
  11. abcat1993

    attack of the VFT eater

    Why would it need to recouperate in the shade? If the squirrels were attracted to the green then keep it in the sun where it will get red. Plus, it will get more energy.
  12. abcat1993

    No gas on the 15th

    Hey, less traffic right?
  13. abcat1993

    Walmart stupidity

    Wow, Walmart has WAY better ones than HD or Lowes.
  14. abcat1993

    Mystery Nep-New Photos

    I realized that I have a N x velvet, so it looks like that, and miranda. They both look the same.
  15. abcat1993

    VFT Tanning - How to get red traps

    I was just about to ask that. Thanks. I was wondering because mine have been outside for almost a month and they aren't that red, but the new ones look pretty red (the ones that were REALLY tiny when I put it out).
  16. abcat1993

    What kind of fish is this?

    Yeah, what's with the tree?
  17. abcat1993

    N. ventricosa lids wont open

    I had the same problem, so I just bent one up and it stayed like that, another I just ripped the lid off.
  18. abcat1993

    Dead traps and Ailing sundew

    Mine sells capensis and adelae, and HD sells spatulata