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  1. nepenthes_ak

    Let me get a WOOT WOOT!!!

    congrats man
  2. nepenthes_ak

    Milling Live Sphagnum

    yes, then you can cut those two into two, and those four into two, and you can just keep cutting and cutting and cutting till you have a bunch! lol
  3. nepenthes_ak

    whats up what do you need

    whats up what do you need
  4. nepenthes_ak

    Forks Washington Trip (pics)

    Ive seen Purpurea in Michigan, and Drosera in Ohio/Michigan. I didnt realize their was that much publicity about Twilight in Washington, I wish they kept the series as a book.
  5. nepenthes_ak

    Itunes Help

    oh thanks! I dont think the library has allot of the music Im into. Most of its underground, or preaty non family oreinted, and a public library wouldnt have allot of anarcho/ska/punk bands lol.
  6. nepenthes_ak

    Itunes Help

    I tunes says it cannot look for Songs that haven't been imported to Itunes, and that I should try importing them again.
  7. nepenthes_ak

    wooo getting a microscope (:

    if you can catch an ant throw it in some rubbing alcohol, and look at its mouth parts! thats always fun.
  8. nepenthes_ak

    Age Of your Brain

    I averaged my two numbers and go 31.5
  9. nepenthes_ak

    It pays to workout

    I need to work out, and I need to find motivation to do so.
  10. nepenthes_ak

    The $200 book on tape

    You could get an MP3 player, and an male male Aux input (if you have a new car) cord, or a casset tape that plugs into an MP3 player. All your music can be imported to the player/MP3 program and uploaded to your MP3 player or put it on an exterior hard drive, and build your own little MP3...
  11. nepenthes_ak

    I'm thinking of starting my own carnivorous plant nursery

    Their is a guy in a local town, that has a house plant store, Ive talked to him before about growing carnivorous plants, he says if I get extras he will buy them from me. To bad all I have to my name is a Nep and a Ceph.
  12. nepenthes_ak

    Itunes Help

    Okay, so I have Itunes, and lets say I got my music from a torrent BUT their is no album name, except the album name, am I stuck having to sort through EVERY song and put an album name, change the title, all that awesome stuff or is their an easy way to group all my songs I got from my torrent...
  13. nepenthes_ak

    more snow here:(

    in Alaska we used brooms lol
  14. nepenthes_ak

    Several pictures of some plants

    Its is what the name implies, its just a tube, that extends the lens out, generally used in macro shots usually.
  15. nepenthes_ak

    Some new pics with my new nikon d40!

    Great feeder insects? LOL I kid
  16. nepenthes_ak

    Forget the Precogs, they've got Recog

    Arent the states starting to do the same, with out the knowledge of the parents?
  17. nepenthes_ak

    Some new pics with my new nikon d40!

    Canons better *chant* It helps allot if you practice taking pictures manually, you get better at it as time goes on and it just becomes more rhythmic and natural to you.
  18. nepenthes_ak

    Some new pics with my new nikon d40!

    Yea it looks like your 4th picture down, has aphids. Thats what you get for getting a nikon instead of a canon! ;)
  19. nepenthes_ak

    WOT german sim card

    i need to learn german Ive wanted to for so long