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    Terraforums Cup (NASCAR)

    I haven't seen any info for this year. On or off... I'd like to lose again please!
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    Looking to buy some VFTs

    I'm looking for a good place to purchase some healthy VFTs. Any help is muchly appreciated.
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    News of the day...

    Hope this isn't posted already... http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_8552000/8552157.stm
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    T shirt of the day...

    Hope it's not a repost but check http://shirt.woot.com/ out.
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    ID this bug...

    Can anyone ID the nasty critter in this forum thread? http://www.photoforum.com/index.php?showtopic=28296&hl= Thanks
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    2 D. filiformis tracyi up for grabs...

    Why do you want one? I will select from my choice.
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    D. filiformis tracyi

    Two nice plants up for grabs... first 2 to respond.
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    I have a Truncata that is out of control. Has anyone ever grown from cuttings off a mature plant? The vine is like an inch in diameter.
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    What is patriotism?

    I would like everyone's opinion.
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    I have finally found the religion

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    Elections over

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    Sarracenia article

    My wife subscribes to Veranda magazine, kind of a home decorating magazine. In the September - October 2006 copy there is a good article about a guy named Brooks Garcia who is a sarracenia nut. Interesting reading if you happen upon it.
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    Fun game...

    Kitten cannon I got 1494...
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    Good FTP program

    I'm looking for a good and easy FTP program. Suggestions please.
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    Eve Online

    This game is intense... very complicated. At least for me. Free 2 week trial for those who wish to try it out.
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    Need OTA antenna for HD

    I need to put up an antenna to get local HD channels. The farthest transmitter is about 60 miles away. I'm looking at the Winegard HD7210 or HD7080. Any suggestions/experience?
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    Memorial Day

    Here here to the men and women who's lives were taken as a result of war...
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    For the butterfly lovers...

    Enough of the "meet your meat" thread. I recently paid a visit to the Key West butterfly conservatory, here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.
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    For the butterfly lovers...

    I recently paid a visit to the Key West butterfly conservatory, here are a few pics for you viewing pleasure.
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    Happy hunting grounds.

    This guy just snagged a fly...