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  1. Mossy Girl

    Mystery Drosera

    This little guy came to me in a pot of D. spathulata last year. I have a few guesses, and I've had a few people give me different answers. I want to see what you guys have to say. I don't have a photo of the flower.
  2. Mossy Girl

    A Pot Question

    This will be my first time overwintering my CP's as I just began collecting earlier this summer. I haven't repotted anything that I got in a pot because I read the best time to do so is in February/March. Now Heather brought to my attention that my pots might be a bit small for overwintering...
  3. Mossy Girl

    Mealys or something else?

    I guess I should have expected it sooner or later, but I think I have a problem. I have these white patches on my S. leucophylla. I'm thinking they might be mealys, but I'm honestly not sure. I don't see any around the rhizome, and these spots aren't like anything I've seen online. These spots...
  4. Mossy Girl

    Pings as Houseplants

    I'm looking into getting Mexican pings to be kept on windowsill. I have a nice little south western window that gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight in the summer and more in the winter. I know P. 'piroutte' and P. moranensis will be good species to keep in that way. I also have my eye on P...
  5. Mossy Girl

    Surprise Succulents

    While my family was out at Lowes today they noticed some odd plants and bought them for me. I ended up with a Argyroderma spp and Fenestraria aurantiaca according to the labels. I was hoping you guys could tell me a little more about them. I have some Lithops spp and was planning to make a bowl...
  6. Mossy Girl

    Mossy's Plant Photos!

    I'm not the best photographer, but I try. I don't have the best collection, but it's growing (hehe). I find pictures are a great way to see progress in slow-going things like plants and aquariums. So without adieu, here are my first plants! A death cube from Lowes, a flytap from a local...
  7. Mossy Girl

    Drosera and Rainstorms

    I keep my plants outside. This works great for my Sars and VFT, but I've been having issues with my Drosera spatulata (only drosera I have ATM; I want to get more if I can resolve this issue). The two plants tends to get beaten down whenever it rains. Almost all the dew was washed away from one...
  8. Mossy Girl

    Mossy Girl's Grow List

    Sarracenia S. purpurea S. flava S. leucophylla 'Tarnok' S. x catesbaei S. 'Mardi gras' S. 'Doodle bug' S. 'Frogman' S. minor var. okefenokeensis S. alata f. pubescens S. 'night sky' S. flava var. cuprea S. alata S. purpurea spp. venosa var. montana S. rubra spp. jonesii S. purpurea var purpurea...
  9. Mossy Girl

    Putting Moss in the Pots

    Hi! As you can guess from my username I like moss. I have quite a few moss terrariums around the house and have some extra moss left over from my latest batch of terrariums. Can I put this moss in my Sarracenia pots? Or any CP pot? I also have VFT and some D. spathula. I feel like it would hold...
  10. Mossy Girl

    Hey from southern Virginia!

    Hi! I just joined this weekend. I'm very new to carnivorous plants, but my journey with them started years ago. I have a koi pond, and while shopping for bog plants years ago I discovered this crazy looking thing labeled "pitcher plant." The only thing the label said was keep moist and give lots...