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    Sarracenia species

    Can anyone identify this sarracenia? Got it in a local supermarket and it was unlabled. Also, is it ok if I use coco peat as the media, since it's begging for a bigger pot. Thanks! Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    I got new, young stick insects yesterday (Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis) and put them in a large terrarium with coconut coir and sand as the floor. They have a lot of space to move around, I gave them food as soon as I put them into their new home and misted the enclosure a couple of times with...
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    Mold in media

    I've repotted my clump of D. Capensis' into seperate pots recently and I've noticed that there some fuzzy mold starting to grow in some of them. I use (not so fresh) LFS as the media in all of them. It'd be a shame if I had to get fresh media and repot it again, so does it actually pose a...
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    Live Sphag. moss cultivation

    Is it possible to get and cultivate live sphagnum moss from previously dried lfs? If so, I need all the help and advice on this you guys can give me. Note: The lfs has been very moist for about a week now (as I have used it as the medium for my freshly repotted drosera) and recently I have...
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    Looking for advice!

    Got this today, it was a long time dream for me to get my very own Nepenthes, this is what I'm starting off my hobby with. I believe this one is N. Gaya. Im asking for general advice for a household Beginner/Intermediate carn. plant grower. Also a couple of questions: •Approximately how old...
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    Have I been scammed?

    So... I bought some ,,Nepenthes seeds" online about 1,5 months ago. Seller didn't specify the exact species, even though I asked privately, but nonetheless I got my package and about a week later I planted them. Fast forward to today this is the small plant that's been growing. It has no...