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    Overwintering flytraps indoors without uprooting/refrigerating them.

    I have flytraps growing outdoors at work but I currently live in a third floor apartment and I have two in a grow tent at home that I don't want to get infested with ants (which in turn start farming aphids) and constantly have to be treated with acephate. So here's my plan. Take them out of...
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    A warning on using 300 watt LEDs as grow lights.

    I've read mixed reviews on these kinds of lights. Some state that the Mars Hydro lights have been good for their plants. Others state that the dimmable varieties like MaxisSun and Viparspectra caused their plants to wilt. What happened to me was basically the latter. For whatever reason, this...
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    300w maxsisun LED sucking the life out of my sundews

    Has anyone had this issue with 300w LEDs. I'm growing a cape sundew, a binata, and an adelae under this light. The binata is spreading like wildfire but the cape sundew is wilting, new leaves are deforming, and the tentacles appear to be nonfunctional. The adelae is doing just fine except the...