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  1. Plant Heathen

    Young Nep lower leaf die off. Help please.

    Hello everyone. I have a small 10 gal highland set up. It has a 48w T5HO over it for about 14 hrs a day and the humidity stays around 80%. There is about a 10-degree temp drop at night +/-. Everything seems to be good as far as the setup goes. However, all the lower leaves seem to die off fast...
  2. Plant Heathen

    repotting Cephs?

    I was just wondering if you Ceph growers bagged you Cephs after repotting. I got a Ceph pulling from Hollyhock some time back and it outgrew its current pot. I decided to re-pot it. Wile, I was repotting I tuck a small cutting. It had roots and new growth. Should I bag them or should they be...
  3. Plant Heathen

    loland circulation help.

    I just set up a lowland tank and in the proses of working the kinks out. It's an Exo-Tera 18x18x24. I have a 40mm PC fan in there and was wondering if you lowland guys/girls think that's big enuff. I have an 80mm fan I could put in there I'm just worried it will dry out the tank to fast. The...
  4. Plant Heathen

    Loland temp help.

    I finally got my setup stable 80F. What is an acceptable temp drop for at night. I think im dropping to just above 70F but not 100% sure at 3-5 am.
  5. Plant Heathen

    Looking For (To Buy) Heli and or Neps

    Hello, everyone, I'm looking to buy some small Hli and or Highland Neps. For Neps, I would like something toothy or toilet bowels like Lowii or Hamata. Heli I would like a Miner but am open to suggestions. I would love to get a Heli and a Nep depending on price. I would also rather get them from...
  6. Plant Heathen

    Fogger vs Mister?

    I'm looking to build my first Nepenthes tank and was just wondering what the difference between using a fogger or a mist. Is it two different method to accomplish the same thing?
  7. Plant Heathen

    ant plant help pleas.

    I have a few ant plants and they are slowly going downhill. I grew them all from seed and they were quite well. The largest of the three leaves are slowly turning yellow and falling off at the slitest touch. The base is still firm so I don't think it rotting. It hets about 13-14 hours of light...
  8. Plant Heathen

    New Nep potting and acclimating help needed.

    I just got a new Nep form a ****** carnivorous plant store and I want to make sure I pot it up right and acclimate it well. Amp x ( Spect x Tal )
  9. Plant Heathen

    To the Nep guys. What's the difference?

    Im looking at a new Nep and im a bit confused. The are twe with the same species but in a different order. One is Ampullaria x (spectabilis x talangensis). The other is Ampullaria x (Talangensis x Spectabilis). Is there a difference in the way the pitcher will turn out?
  10. Plant Heathen

    Plant Heathens grow list.

    Dionaea muscipula Common Drosera Pulchella Capensis (wide leaf CC clone) Capensis (Bainskloof) Burmannii (Humpty Doo) Sessilifolia Capillaris (Emerald Envy) Cephalotus comon Utricularia Fulva Livida Longifolia sandersonii Calycifida Nepenthes Ventricosa Lady luck pinguicula Gigantea...
  11. Plant Heathen

    Looking For (To Buy) looking to buy Mexican Pings

    Hey all im looking for some Pings. I figured I'd start here before scouring the net. Some long leaf would be cool. Not sure if this went through last time.
  12. Plant Heathen

    RO Recommendation?

    Can anyone recommend an affordable RO. Im at the point where I'm going through more water than I can collect and want to buy. I'm just not sure what I need. 3 stage, 4 stage, DI? any tips and help would be much appreciated. I just need it as affordable as possible.
  13. Plant Heathen

    Byblis Aquatica germination??

    I'm a little confused about thees seed. I thought you had use the bleach method for thees or something similar. How ever someone I follow in Instagram said the just planted them and they sprouted. Am I mistaken? How should I be planting these?
  14. Plant Heathen

    light color temp?

    When I learned about lighting for planted tanks everyone said 65k Is the best. Now on this forum I hear otherwise. So now I'm on the hunt for a light and found two LED lights. One is 4000k the other is 5000K. Are either of these any good?
  15. Plant Heathen

    Humidity vs ventilation in a grow tent.

    Iv ran out of room in my small indoor greenhouse along with wanting to upgrade my lights to LED. I have learned the shelves in my greenhouse aren't far enough apart to use the LED I want. So time for an upgrade but research first. I was wandering from all you that use grow tents how you balins...
  16. Plant Heathen

    Highland vs lowland

    Hella everyone. I'm still new to Neps. I have two at the moment and want to add more to my collection. I just wanted to ask everyone's opinion on which you thought was easier Highland or lowland. right now I have a lady luck and a lowes Nep? The Lowes one is doing very well in my indoor...
  17. Plant Heathen

    A few shot of my collection

    Hello everyone! Here is some of my plants hope you like. Cephalotus D. capensis wide leaf D. sessilifolia D.Burmannii D.Pulchella U.Longifolia U.Fulva U.Lavida U.Calycifida U.Sandersonii N.Ventricosa ? N.Lady Luck p. gigantea(just came in today) p. esseriana
  18. Plant Heathen

    First Ping should I repot

    I just got my first pigns(P. gigantea. P. esseriana) in the mail(thanks to Benurmanii). He have me a mix of 1.2.1 peat,perlite and sand. After I get my pots setup do I just rest the ping on top or do I bury the roots. The other thing is do I put them in a tray of water like a sundew? I'm going...
  19. Plant Heathen

    Ther Here! There Here!

    My H. Hamata and H. Lowii seed have just come in the male. The plan is to soak the seeds for two days. While they are soaking chop up some LFS after I boil it in some distilled water( I don't have a microwave). place seeds in LFS give a good spray to settle them and place in a seed starting...
  20. Plant Heathen

    Need Nepenthes germinatation guid for dimis

    Need Nepenthes germination guide for dumis Hello everyone! I could use some tips and tricks for Nepenthes seed germination. I have some seeds coming to me and I really want thees to work. They are N.lowii trusmadi and some N.Hamata and if things go well the extras will end up here as...