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    Found a sarracenia at the grocery store!

    I was in Seattle a week ago and was doing some early morning grocery shopping when I stumbled upon a gang of Sarracenia's in the florist department. I knew what plant it was before I even read the label, which was mismarked as a Cobra Lily. I was so tickled with finding a CP in a grocery store...
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    Is it okay to repot sundew?

    Although I just potted the sundew not more than a month ago, it already has a baby sundew coming up about 2 inches away from the mother plant. Ive read in a lot of books that fall/early winter is the best time to separate and repot, but would it be possible for me to just scoop the little guy...
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    Mimosa pudica

    I just had a birthday and I recieved a Mimosa as a gift. I had never heard of them before. They remind me of minitaure version of palm trees but when you touch the leaves, they shut, almost shy away from you. Absolutely the neatest thing I've seen since my first flytrap. I also got an...
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    I just purchased a sundew today and I have no info on what kind of soil mixture to use. Im also not sure how large or small of a pot I should use and if it needs to be drained or undrained. I have also posted similar questions under the pitcher plant section titled "Cobra Lily" if you have any...
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    Cobra lily

    I just bought a Cobra Lily earlier today and unfortunately I dont know what soil mix to use. I usually have hostage with me just about every library book there is on the subject, but, silly me, I just turned those in yesterday. I did not know I would be needing them again the next day. Also...