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    Good night from the Midwest (US)!

    Hello! New to CPs in general and want to start an indoor grow tent! Here to learn things about the plants themselves and hopefully learn from some experienced people and possibly make some friends! Thanks for having me!
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    Able to buy Drosera seeds from outside the US without any permits?

    I was offered some Drosera seeds from overseas and was wondering if I needed any permits? The seller is saying I don't need due to them not being on the CITES, but I just wanted to make sure I was following all the rules. Thanks!
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    One 3 ft Sunblaster T5 HO 6500k light w/ reflecto enough for a 3ftx2ftx2ft grow tent?

    I was reading around on the forums but haven't really found anything talking about just using one light. I currently only am able to get one light fixture so I'll be going with the Sunblaster T5 HO 6500k light fixture w/ reflector. I'll be using this in my grow tent that's surrounded by mylar to...