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    cleaning up the bog

    yeah, i got it from him directly. i live under and hour away from his shop in seattle. the plant in question is S. 'Redman' x leucophylla. i had never heard a of 'Redman' before i picked it up, it definatly lives up to it's name! i really really didn't want to do it, but i am going to go ahead...
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    cleaning up the bog

    ripped up the liner, re-leveled the beds....new liner and dranage to go in on tuesday. let the trimming begin! cleaned up plants. those who wern't tipped over and went through the winter more or less normally. lots of flower buds ;D my own lack of weeding in march...whoops. 'Red...
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    cleaning up the bog

    i started the much over due task of replacing my racoon damaged bog garden yesterday. they TRASHED it just before winter set in, so i choose to let the plants sleep capsized, some not even in pots or dirt at all. i'm pretty sure i lost a few of my favorites. :-\ either way, i'm glad summer is...
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    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis "Gaint"

    alright...took me long enough. here's a photo of the little guy. he's still got quite a bit of growing to do. spring has finally hit in my neck of the woods. flava & oreo's are starting to send up the flower buds - wahoo! pitcher's just opening up
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    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis "Gaint"

    well, something like that. :blush: i ment yearly as in "this years photos" take photos more or less at random. whatever i think looks neat at the moment. i make up a background changer out of them for the long winter haul of no plants. this winter is taking forever...:headwall:
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    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis "Gaint"

    thanks! it's pretty small still, i'll make sure to inculde him in my yearly plant photoshoot for you.
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    S. rubra ssp. gulfensis "Gaint"

    i have been off the forums for a long time, i know i have a LOT of back reading and general catch up to do. i couldn't help myself, and picked up another plant from a local nursery. the tag reads (printed) " Sarracenia hybrid" and in pencil "gulf. GIANT x "couurtii" ". i would assume S. rubra...
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    make sure to scrub it good & cook it up. should be fine with that. ...unless the aniamal you're putting it with is sensitive to a particular wood. make sure to soak it if you're putting it in the oven or microwave. they do catch fire. i've heard others like to place the item within a plastic...
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    Utric needs an id

    heyyyy now, i have one of those guys in a sundew pot too! you didn't happen to get that sundew from a WA grower as well did you? -julie
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    Cobraplant.com theory

    i gave the gravel method a shot last year as weel and did notice quite a diffrence with my flytraps. however, i am also on the west coast right next to the water.
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    Ping flowers

    i have a few that are finiky and won't flower when the temp gets past 85. try keeping the temp lower (or less spiked) and keep them out of direct afternoon light.
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    Ping flowers

    what's your temps? sunlight? any other growing conditions?
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    Genetics dna on pbshd.  genetically altered plant

    also...i am all for science. i am not, however, for unconrtolled and checked science. the testing of "is safe for human consumption?" part of the program fell by the wayside and is continually being delayed and when they do, the findings hidden to the public. GE was introduced into the feilds...
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    Genetics dna on pbshd.  genetically altered plant

    read it's not the DNA they share alike being added. it's the ones that are special to that animal, which is why it is gotten from that source.
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    Genetics dna on pbshd.  genetically altered plant

    they've already had animal DNA in plants for a very very very long time now. and the best part about it is you're already eating it too, it is in the food supply. pig & fish genes in strawberries, fish in corn & tomatoes, the list is absolutly HUGE of altered foods. it's not just animal genes...
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    Your favorite books

    not as much sci fi, closer to the Terry Brooks end would be the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jorden. Enders Game is an all time favorite of mine.
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    Open letter to kansas school board

    OPEN LETTER TO KANSAS SCHOOL BOARD I am writing you with much concern after having read of your hearing to decide whether the alternative theory of Intelligent Design to be taught along with the theory of Evolution. I think we can all agree that it is important for students to hear multiple...
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    Photographs 2005 season

    seems everything with Wilkerson in it is awesome. can i be like you when i grow up?
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    New pics

    yeah yeah, pale as death, i know. i like hideing in the rain. less burning.