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    N. gymnamphora not very well...

    Hi there, I'm not a Nepenthes expert: my recently acquired Nepenthes gymnamphora is freaking out these days... Stranges symptoms appeared, as yellowing leaves then browning, rust like spot (but the cells under these spots seems to collapse) and a few blacks dots on leaves. None others...
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    The Complete 2006 ICPS Conference Photo Tour

    Wow thanks Jaremiah, now I know what I missed! Any chance to name that black velvet Nepenthes you took a few times in pictures?
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    U. minutissima

    A bit too blurry to my taste, bit I'll try to take some others shots when I'll have more time left (ahhh final exam's rush for end of the session ;) ). Thank Seandew
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    U. minutissima

    Here is few pictures of U. minutissima flowering again for me. Thanks again Tim for sharing this species!
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    Binata cutting

    Its works perfectly in RO water too, just enclose the leaf cuttings in a transparent pot (Masson type are perfect) close the lid, place it under light and wait. Most fungal attack are decreased this way, and it's a pretty lazy technique ;)
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    Small seedling

    Are they tightly packed in their pot? If so, you could transplant them at a certains distance from each others, it can help a lot since seedlings seems to 'stunt' if they don't have enough 'space' for growing.
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    Looking for brian tran

    Hi, I'm trying to contact Brian Tran, from Ontario, without success. My attempts on his adress are being bounced back... If anyone know how to reach him, PM me
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    Utricularia cornuta

    Which bladder? Utricularia subulata? I think it's only both side of the bladder pressing on each other.
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    N. x 'Ile de francais' ? It shouldn't be N x 'Ile de France' instead?
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    Utricularia cornuta

    I made a quick album on Yahoo, you can see one of those U.cornuta there
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    Utricularia cornuta

    As soon as I have few minute left to resize them (and sort them, some has 'flash burns'...), and find a place to host the pictures! It seems that i can't link my pictures from Yahoo! Photos here...
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    U.reniformis f. courte from bcp

    Hi, for those of you which own a U.reniformis f. courte (I got mine from BCP), do you think it is legitimate to associate it to the cultivars 'Enfant terrible' described in the CPN? I'm curious to hear you on this
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    Utricularia cornuta

    Hi, during my last fieldtrip in a small bog in late august, my friend and I found a small population of U. cornuta flowering amongst the Labrador tea. I took few pictures and 1 flower in my hand to show her in detail, and notice for the first time that this flower has a very nice sweet...
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    D. regia

    Zongyi_Yang: If you do your manipulation in a 'almost closed' container (such as a fish tank, on its side), and work close enough from a flame (ie alcohol lamp), you can achieve to reduce/avoid contamination to almost nothing. Of course, you must have a very clean area (ie the container) and...
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    Hiking in the adirondack, ny

    Anyone tried theAlgonquin Peak ?