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    How to get rid of thrips?

    whoops..Hi Nightbreed, hadn't posted here in a while. It was pretty simple, I made 1/4 liter mix in a 'spray' bottle (sorry, not too good on english) and applied it 3 times, once a week. She's been pretty good since then, her growth increased drastically, and no more #$% thrips or worms.
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    VFT Dormacy

    Hello.. I'd appreciate if somebody could help me regarding my VFT's dormancy..I've had her since march, and after so much care the idea of sticking her in the fridge scares the #### out of me.. The mean temperature for my zone is : Nov 59°F Dec 56°F Jan 56°F Feb 59°F I've currently...
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    How much is too much light?

    After ridding my VFT of all her pests for the moment, as a treat I decided to upgrade her lighting to two 13W compact flourescents, in total she's getting 1600 lumens at 6500 k's, around 2 inches above her. The traps are growing ok, and very fast, but I've noticed the color inside the traps is...
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    How to get rid of thrips?

    I did the over night submersion, but some hours later I saw some small worms swimming out for life so next day I decided to go with the orthene, gave it a light spray and it seems to be doing well now, since traps have gone back to normal growth. Once again, thanks to all for the tips!  
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    How to get rid of thrips?

    I'll try the submerging tonight, almost a week ago I gave her a light spray of diazinon, but the buggers are still there. thanks for the tips!
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    I want to kill them...all of them...lots...

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Tony Paroubek @ June 13 2003,6:40)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I have used diazinon before on cps without any problem.  It is usually a fairly safe chemical to use provided you: Use a waterbased...
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    How to get rid of thrips?

    Hello to all from newbie.. I've owned a vft for around 7 months now, and she seems to be doing ok..she even survived my letting it flower.. I have pretty much identified the pest on her as as thrips, they kinda look like very tiny soil specks, but they move around. I'm not sure if they affect...