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  1. mr.smith

    need help with new bog

    Okay, this probably sounds ridiculous and pretty noobish. Anywho, i made a bog for a few of my plants and right now ants are swarming all over them. I don't know if i'm being paranoid or not, but either way, i'm afraid the ants might be a problem. Should i get a pesticide to deal with them and...
  2. mr.smith

    advice for N.Talangensis

    Dad ordered me a nepenthes talangensis as a gift(i have no idea why) but i know its an ultra highlander.I don't have the money or permission to build a highland chamber so does anyone have any advice on growing it or am i pretty much screwed?
  3. mr.smith

    going to orlando,florida

    My family is going to orlando next week. Anyone know any nurseries or places to go buy cp's?
  4. mr.smith


    I came here like a week ago so sorry, but i've been to busy to write this. Anywho, i am a noob, with like only 5 cp's. Willing to expand my collection and willing to trade drosera capensis cuttings. I have like a lot.
  5. mr.smith

    Salutations people of the earth

    I just joined yesterday. I started growing an year ago but only have a very small amount of cp's. I have three sarracenia, one nepenthes, one utricularia, and one drosera.