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    Your vote?

    Ah, well, go ahead & blame your parents for their lousy timing, like he did.
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    Pikes peak

    Very nice view you have there.  Actually, I like the tree - adds to the composition.  Thanks for the great pic!  
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    Missed me?

    Thanks for fixing my link, Suzanne. We're about an hour and a half east of Roch-a-cha.  That would be a significant detour, but a nice drive.  The Waterloo outlet mall is only about a good hour's drive from us.  You could say there's this specialty shop in Oswego you heard about...  
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    Saw the psychiatrist:)

    FYI, Klonopin is a controlled substance because, among other effects, it can be addictive.  It is not a drug to take casually & one needs to be gradually weaned off it to avoid withdrawal reactions. Good luck with your health care, PondBoy, glad you are well enough to let us know how you are...
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    Your vote?

    As usual, whenever I have voted, they have you sign a registration book which has your signature from the last time you voted.  In my small town, there was a very small line at dinnertime when I voted & I heard them say they expected a huge crowd after dinner.  Polls are open in New York until 9...
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    Missed me?

    Beeswax candles are the best! And, yep, we're just about 15 miles or so from I-81.  And 30 miles north of the Thruway.  Do stop in.  
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    Autumn in new york!

    Those are some nice pics, Dave, I like that first one, especially.  Nice compostion, form, color.  Our maples are definitely one of New York's attributes.   Now, anyone have any pics of the aspens turning gold in the Rockies?  I have only seen that once & that was awesome.  
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    Missed me?

    I haven't been here in quite some time so the new folkies won't know me.  I'm not a cp'er, per se, anyway.  But those in close recent contact with Tamlin know what I've been up to.  He has been a trooper (apology's to Copper) & suffered through my new store opening & is continuing to help out in...
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    Stop, go look at the moon - now

    We interrupt this presidential race & world series for a total lunar eclipse.  If you haven't checked it out yet, go look.  It is just beginning as I post this.  It will be visible from most of the Americas, clouds permitting.  This will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2007 so try to catch...
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    Yay! buying things

    Oooh, very nice monitor!  Been looking at those myself.  Where'd you get it?  I am discovering the limits of laptops continually.  Never was able to recover my data off my crashed hard drive.   And what is that thing behind the Dr Pepper?
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    Working on a brochure

    Suzanne, I just have to say again how really awesome I think your work is.  Keep going with the freelance stuff & quit that dead-end day job.  
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    Hurricane charley

    Are you saying the unpredictability (is that even a word?  - you know what I mean) of the hurricanes is only a minor annoyance for the airlines?  I would think that such a major disturbance in the air would really mess things up.
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    Craziest cat you'll ever see

    Savannah, huh?, from Africa, looks like.  I'll bet they don't even bother with mice.  Might put a good scare into a squirrel, though, don't ya think?   ;) hmmm...
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    This is noah!

    Whoaaa... Scot --  I can't imagine anyone being noodle-free.  (OK, I can't imagine me being noodle-free.)  I am awed.  It doesn't seem natural somehow. Oh, yeah, good to see you busy on-line, too, Noah.  
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    Hurricane charley

    Upstate NY here- sunny & warm this morning with not even showers predicted for the next week.  Looks like it's headed right for Schloaty, though.  
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    What is your roots

    Me greatgrandfather was born on the boat coming over from Ireland!  *said with a lilting brogue* Next, I think there's a bit French, English, Dutch.  No Scotch - no, thanks, I'm driving.  No Scottish, either (but you never can tell with us mongrels, there might be a smidgen).  It's quite popular...
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    This is noah!

    SO good to have you back!  (We got your letter - it must have taken a lot out of you to write, so just keep typing as long as you have the energy.)  Glad you are back on-line for as long as you can be, that's great!  Rest up & let all those calories (gee!) do their work.  I imagine you can't...
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    I might not be on as much as i used to

    JLAP - so sorry to hear of your loss.  It is very hard to lose someone you are close to.  And Steve - my condolences to you, too, on your losses.  Losing your parents so close together must be very difficult.  I agree with you, too, on allowing oneself to grieve & not try to avoid it with a...
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    Thank you guys

    Wow! I think finch's was the best testimony of all! That's great!
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    What the heck is this plant?

    Oh yeah, definitely looks like some kind of bean.  Those  blossoms should soon be beans. ------------- You have a vegetable garden!