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    Ugh..today one of my flourecents wen't out and my fogger stopped for some odd reason...the Bical INSTANTLY started to look iffy and most of the leaves turned black....I stuck in a fish tank heater which was my reserve if this kind of thing happened but I think it is too late for my bical...All...
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    Speakin of bearded dragons...

    Can I use these kinds of cages for a big bearded dragon Was going to turn it on it's side..and use newspaper substrate..will it get out of this?
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    As promised....

    As promised..here are the new pics... -note the other plant is a VFT..just wanted to see what new traps would look like in those conditions... Ehh...for some reason..msn.com won't let me post my pics...so here's the website.. http://www.msnusers.com/CeriusCPs/shoebox.msnw?albumlist=2 They VFT...
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    Got my plant today!

    Just got my plant! It's a Bical 'Red Flush'. So excited..! It has 3 inch leaves and no pitchers! woot..I get to watch it grow My terrarium has a cool flourecent and a full spectrum....60-90%humidity...changes for some reason..that'll change tomorow with my fogger...I put the little plant up on...
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    Ball python *royal python*

    Ok...I spoke with my mom, and my sister...and we convinced my mom into letting me get a snake for Christmas...I've been reading up on it, and some people say Ball Pythons are good beginners snakes...and I love them! I've asked around and some people have told me what to get for a terrarium. I...
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    N. bicalcarata 'giant red'

    Does anyone have any information or pictures of this plant? This plant is huge...is anyone growing it? I think it looks beautiful. Please post pics or information about this giant!
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    N. lowii

    Anyone have a theory as to why birds use the umm...Lowii pitchers as miniature toilets? Just a thought...what could birds eat that give Lowii nutrition? This is a pretty bizarre way to live...Living off of animal poop... It is pretty though..:p
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    Terrarium growing.

    Hi, I'm experienced with VFT's grown outside..but not in Terrariums. I just made a 30 gallon one...and was wondering what the best humidity/temperature it is for a VFT. For light I'm using a cool light and a full spectrum. 50w each. Also...how much light can I give it? Thanks!
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    N. bicalcarata

    Hi...I'm new to this plant and am located in Florida. A few questions I have are: 1. Will the plant be alright outside? 2. What kind of soil mixture should I use for it? 3. How often do I need to water this plant? 4. What is a good way to get humidity to it? Thanks for any answers to my...
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    What can nepenthes plants get watered with?

    What kinds of water can you give to your nepenthes? I was considering getting a N. Bacalcarata...but if I use distilled..things will get pircy for something that big. I was wondering if I could use well water....It's just collected rain water....filtered through the ground..so I was wondering if...
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    Feeding your plant-list your pets food here!

    Hey, I was wondering if any bugs can be harmful to your VFT. I fed it a lovebug earlier and it ate it right up. Can any bugs actually hurt the plant? Stink Bug, etc.
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    Monster of a plant.

    What is the species of VFT that makes the largest pods/plant. I would like to know the name so I can buy seeds/plant to grow. Any pictures or information would be great!
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    I just ordered two plants from www.petflytrap.com and was wondering when is a good idea to repot your plant(s) into a bigger pot? I got two in one pot and was wondering if I do need to report should I seperate the plants? I'm relatively new at this...thank you all for your help.