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    **PAID**(wide.peristome@gmail.com $45) Nepenthes Ventricosa x Lowii Cutting

    The exact opposite cross of the cutting I posted earlier, up for bid is N. Ventricosa x Lowii cutting! This popular cross was done by a lot of growers such as x Briggsiana, x Peter D' Amato, Atlanta Botanical Garden, and many more. This exact plant however, I'm not too sure about who made it...
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    **PAID**(wide.peristome@gmail.com $75) Nepenthes Lowii x Ventricosa EP Cutting

    After five years of growing stuff, I feel that this is the time to give back to the community (this forum & NASC rather). So what I'm offering is a (basal) cutting of my Lowii x Ventricosa that originates from Exotica Plants. This is a Highland plant, but can be grown as intermediate as well...
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    For Sale Lowii x Ventricosa (Red) EP Cutting

    Hi all, To offset a bit of my greenhouse moving cost, I'm offering an unrooted cutting of my Lowii x Ventricosa (Red) from EP. It will be a 2-3 node, freshly cut upon purchase, growth tip cut of the basal seen under the big vine (not the small plant under it). The size will be about 8-10"...