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    Sarracenia species

    Can anyone identify this sarracenia? Got it in a local supermarket and it was unlabled. Also, is it ok if I use coco peat as the media, since it's begging for a bigger pot. Thanks! Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, its the middle of the night here, so I'll clean the tank first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, no eggs have been shipped with them and they are definitely not old enough to lay any eggs yet. Pretty sure one has somewhat recovered as it has been gripping onto the branch better and...
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    I got new, young stick insects yesterday (Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis) and put them in a large terrarium with coconut coir and sand as the floor. They have a lot of space to move around, I gave them food as soon as I put them into their new home and misted the enclosure a couple of times with...
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    Mold in media

    I've repotted my clump of D. Capensis' into seperate pots recently and I've noticed that there some fuzzy mold starting to grow in some of them. I use (not so fresh) LFS as the media in all of them. It'd be a shame if I had to get fresh media and repot it again, so does it actually pose a...
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    Live Sphag. moss cultivation

    Is it possible to get and cultivate live sphagnum moss from previously dried lfs? If so, I need all the help and advice on this you guys can give me. Note: The lfs has been very moist for about a week now (as I have used it as the medium for my freshly repotted drosera) and recently I have...
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    Looking for advice!

    Got this today, it was a long time dream for me to get my very own Nepenthes, this is what I'm starting off my hobby with. I believe this one is N. Gaya. Im asking for general advice for a household Beginner/Intermediate carn. plant grower. Also a couple of questions: •Approximately how old...
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    Have I been scammed?

    Yeah, well the listing, oddly, didn't have any reviews. The photo's that the seller put up on his listing were just generic Nepenthes pics from Google Images. What was also suspicious to me, is that the seller never replied to my question of "What species of Nepenthes are you selling/offering?"...
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    Have I been scammed?

    I'm located in Poland. The seeds were bought from a trusted and very popular (in my country) online shopping site. If it's really a garden weed, do you know what could it be? Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    Have I been scammed?

    Hmm... mine definitely don't fit your description. They're more of a round shape. Excuse my stupidness, but I'm pretty new to Tapatalk in general and I'm not sure how to move threads to differerent sections. If it's necessary, can you tell me how and I'll do it right away? Sent from my...
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    Have I been scammed?

    Yes, in fact I have some seeds left. The ones I planted were a teeny bit bigger than the ones on the pic. If people are telling me this is definitely not Nepenthes, then does anyone know what it is? Sent from my SM-A202F using Tapatalk
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    Have I been scammed?

    So... I bought some ,,Nepenthes seeds" online about 1,5 months ago. Seller didn't specify the exact species, even though I asked privately, but nonetheless I got my package and about a week later I planted them. Fast forward to today this is the small plant that's been growing. It has no...