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    Flowering in Terrariums

    Most sundews I have grown in a closed container flower and set seed poorly. I imagine many terrarium growers have this problem. Recently I discovered forms of D. capillaris are a special exception. See, the flower of my pictured plant from Mississippi is fully opened in the cramped container...
  2. D. capillaris MS 10.30.21.JPG

    D. capillaris MS 10.30.21.JPG

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    Hello from Southern Califormia

    Welcome Mike. I hope you know about the Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society: The Los Angeles Carnivorous Plant Society
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    Green Sea Anemone

    Fantastic! There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ~Shakespeare
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    Green Sea Anemone

    Considering its development, through symbiosis, I like to think of it as a natural animal x plant hybrid. An old term for this is *chimaera*.
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    Green Sea Anemone

    I saw these Green Sea Anemones in tide pools on the Palos Verdes Peninsula over the weekend. They are green because they have chlorophyll as plants do. ...Carnivorous, quasi plants.
  7. anemone 9.18.21.JPG

    anemone 9.18.21.JPG

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    Byblis Study

    More fun with my Byblis: Fallen pretty flower as a garnish on my spaghetti and meatballs:)
  9. Byblis flower garnish 8.26.21.JPG

    Byblis flower garnish 8.26.21.JPG

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    Byblis Study

    Thanks for the additional info. I’m toying with the idea of raising up a B. liniflora to cross with my one filifolia. But of more interest, I have seed of B. aquatica to smoke treat next. Another experiment I did recently was graft an extra Byblis plant I had onto a non CP, to test the possible...
  11. Byblis graft 5.16.21b.JPG

    Byblis graft 5.16.21b.JPG

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    Byblis Study

    This B. filifolia proved easy to grow. But the plant is very complicated to reproduce with its seed germination and pollination requirements. I see that, as is written, the flower of B. filifolia does not automatically release pollen onto its own stigma. Also, I read filifolia must be cross...
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    Byblis Study

    Drilled an ember and lit the pictured pieces of dry punky (soft rotten) wood. Placed the seed sown cup in the rabbit like hole under the stone along with smoldering punk. Let smoke merrily for about 10 minutes.
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    Byblis Study

    Here is a Byblis filifolia I raised up after germinating the seed by smoke treatment. Thanks to John for the seed. I had extra fun starting the fire with an all natural bow drill set.
  15. B.filifolia 7.21.21a.JPG

    B.filifolia 7.21.21a.JPG

  16. Byblis filifolia 5.26.21a.JPG

    Byblis filifolia 5.26.21a.JPG

  17. Byblis smoking b.JPG

    Byblis smoking b.JPG

  18. Byblis smoking a.JPG

    Byblis smoking a.JPG

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    Lawn Sundews

    I recalled reading about how Dandelion has made adaptations to growing in lawns. I wonder if somewhere sundews are doing the same. When I met Robert Gibson in Australia he showed me sundews on his parent’s property. Here is what he writes: “The Drosera hurmannii plants at Mulgoa came from seed...
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    Lawn Sundews

    I visited the Florida Panhandle in 2001 and photoed these practical lawn sundews. In the town of Crestview D. capillaris grew in the clearing of a mowed grassy roadside; just like a lawn. In the adjacent overgrown thicket I saw some pitiful Sarracenia purpurea and S. rubra gulfensis, but no...