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  1. bluemutiny

    D. arcturi in the City

    Hey all, There was some interest earlier this year in my experience growing D. Arcturi. I live in a warm city with 30*c summer days but successfully grow both mature plants and seedlings of alpine sundew, including Arcturi. For my mature plants, this is their third season. The seedlings are...
  2. bluemutiny

    Alata Identification

    Hi all, Re. the attached picture, can anyone spot the variant/lineage? It's been driving me insane trying to figure it out, and what's worse in the month that I've had it in the greenhouse, it's gone from almost entirely green to having the yellowing peristome, red wings & veins and spotted...
  3. bluemutiny

    Nepenthes Upper Internode Buds

    Hey guys, hoping some experiences Nepenthes growers can settle something for us! As everyone knows, lower internode buds grow into plants with normal, lower pitchers. But what we're not sure of are the upper internode buds. We've heard some people say they'll only ever grow upper pitchers, so...