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  1. Ozzy

    (PAID) (SunnySundew $15) Mystery Dew

    It's a long tradition for me to put up a mystery dew in the NASC Teraforums auction. Up for bid, 1 Mystery Dew. I'll give hints to the ID of this dew but I will give away what it is. I think this dew is from the mountains of Hawaii. Of course it's not native to Hawaii. It is a man made hybrid...
  2. Ozzy

    (PAID) (Sarracenia67 $25) $50 Gift Certificate to Flytrapshop.com

    I will pay $50 of your order from Flytrapshop.com Look for Andrews reply to this auction for more details. Starting bid $1
  3. Ozzy

    (PAID) (nribeka $30) Amorphophallus Konjac

    Up for bid is one tuber of the famous voodoo lily, Devils Tongue, or corpse flower. Yes it smells like rotting meat Yes it looks like the devils giant finger sticking out of the ground Yes people ask you what it is Yes you can tell them to smell it Yes they will gag Yes you will laugh...
  4. Ozzy

    (PAID) (carolatcj $7) Bengal Tiger Canna

    Up for bid 1 Bengal Tiger Canna easy to grow winner pays shipping US only starting bid $5
  5. Ozzy

    After 10 years, I've finally met...

    It was so cool to finally meet you last year. You're the awesome person I always thought you'd be. Can't wait to do it again. I've also had the pleasure of meeting Zuzanna (twice). Unfortunately I let the fear show and she sensed it. I'll spare you all of the horrors that followed. I spent...
  6. Ozzy

    Hydroponic & Aquaponic Books

    Auction Closed
  7. Ozzy

    **ALL PAID**Nasc t-shirt

    This is not an auction but a sale. Please read details before bidding. Colors and sizes available are: Med tan 2 Small gray 4 2xl tan 4 Small pink 3 small tan 4 Med pink 1 2xl pink 1 2xl gray 2 With your bid please state the size and color you want. Once bid is placed and you state the...
  8. Ozzy

    **PAID**(DJ57 $12) Mystery Dew Hybrid

    A NASC auction wouldn't be complete without one of my mystery dews. Up for auction is a 3 way hybrid between 3 of my past mystery dews. This combination is a dull blaa color. In my opinion, it's not appetizing at all. But to each his own. Dew is native to the Appalachian area. It is no way a...
  9. Ozzy

    **PAID**(bluemax $5) Sarracenia Vehicle Decal

    Up for bid 1 vehicle decal. Almost any color avaliable. Approximately 5 inches high. Starting bid $3 I'll pay shipping.
  10. Ozzy

    **PAID**(bluemax $5) NASC Window Decal

    Up for bid 1 NASC vehicle decal Almost any color is avaliable Approximately 5 inch diameter. Starting bid $4 I will pay shipping
  11. Ozzy

    **PAID**(lizaryker $16) N. x Manny Herrera

    Up for auction is one N. x Manny Herrera kindly donated by Tyler Gramley. Staring bid $5 Winner pays shipping US only
  12. Ozzy

    2018 Terraforums Cup (Nascar)

    I know I'm not here very often but I have been doing the Terraforums cup for I think 12 years now. This year we are moving from the Yahoo format to the Nascar.com one. It's still free to play but with this one you can win weekly prizes, up to $10,000. If you like Nascar you should come play with...
  13. Ozzy

    *PAID*(Marshall $35) U. inflata NC47 II

    It has marked shipped over two weeks ago with no response from the buyer. Auction closed.