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  1. SDCPs

    Looking For (trade) Drosera, filiormis, binata waihohonu NZ, intermedia, capillaris

    For a USDA zone 7 minibog project, drosera seed wanted of (I will also pay to acquire): D. filiformis (atlantic version probably best considering zone) D. binata T-form Waihohonu Desert Road (1080 m elevation), New Zealand Also desired (lower priority): U. subulata...not sure if the plants I...
  2. SDCPs

    Looking For (trade) D. indica 'pale pink flower', scented

    I have a few seeds laying around but not enough for my latest bog project. If you received these seeds via my massive giveaway several years ago, this is what I'm after! (It's ironic, not to mention a bit embarrassing to be requesting indica after distributing hundreds of thousands of the seeds...
  3. SDCPs

    Bulk Seeds for CP books and DVD

    Hello all, I have the following books and dvd for trade. I'm looking for large quantities of seeds in return. Sarracenia, drosera, vft, nepenthes...whatever. PM me if you'd like to trade! I might not go for D. capensis...LOL *Grow Carnivorous Plants Volume 1: Venus Flytraps Can Grow Outside...
  4. SDCPs

    Tips on making vfts grow better this year?

    I have a time lapse video I made here: Because I was afraid of rot and not as dilligent as I should have been I let the plants get too dry several times. This probably set them back. Their rhizomes have gone deep into the pots and I can tell the leaves come from deep down. All these plants...
  5. SDCPs

    How to make P. gigantea grow faster?

    I torture my P. gigantea outside in low humidity 40-60% in San Diego. Some are in full sun and hang on as long as they are kept wet, others are in shade. But they all grow very slowly. Is this typical of the species? (The sundew is a volunteer seedling...very cool! There's cat litter in...
  6. SDCPs

    Goodies for YOUR TYPICAL Flytraps! My for trade list posted

    Please do not PM me. I will not respond. Instead, send an email to the address in the above photo with the subject as "Trade with __your name here__": What I want: Mature Typical Flytraps. I do NOT want multiple clones of the same plant. I want genetically different plants. Priority is given...
  7. SDCPs

    Has this dew been described yet?

    See this article--the very bottom two paragraphs talk of a striking new sundew. I want to know more! Giant Pitcher Plant, Blue Fungi, New Sundew
  8. SDCPs

    Red pitcher nepenthes ventrosica pollen avaliable

    Let me know if you're interested! Here is a time-lapse I took of the plant.
  9. SDCPs

    New P. Gigantea mini-wall, A chip off the old block

    Some of you may be familiar with this thread. It didn't work evenly, and I only have one large plant right now :headwall: So I decided to try something a little different. Not that the ping wasn't doing well on that other wall: Anyway, I cut the plant off and installed it in a holder I...
  10. SDCPs

    Wanted: extra 6" and 4" plastic pots

    I have drosophyllum seeds, p. lusitanicum seeds, a host of tropical sundew seeds and plants to trade in exchange. I'm interested in larger numbers or uniform pots, not just 1 or 2 since they cost cents. Thanks!
  11. SDCPs

    Wanted Seeds: D. slackii, D. adelae, D. regia, P. gigantea

    Wanted Seeds: D. slackii, D. adelae, D. regia I have drosophyllum lusitanicum and a host of other seeds (mostly tropical drosera) to trade!
  12. SDCPs

    How to Pollinate Pinguicula video

    Hello friends, I made this video showing how to pollinate pinguicula. I had to pollinate p. caerulea anyway :)
  13. SDCPs

    Drosophyllum Lusitanicum in 14" pots Video

    Just a relaxing video of the wind blowing the leaves of my dewy pines. I hope the rest flower soon :) Drosophyllum http://youtu.be/KiYcggN-CFc
  14. SDCPs

    Dormant sarracenia for trade, S. rosea with location; s. flava var. maxima, cuprea

    As the title says! I have a nice division of S. rosea with location data, several divisions of S. flava var maxima, and one really nice division of S. flava var. cuprea. Here are pics of the actual S. rosea division, the habit of maxima, and the coloration of cuprea: I also have sundews...
  15. SDCPs

    Unlimited Scented Drosera Indica "pale pink flower" SASE+ Seed Giveaway

    . . . This giveaway is Closed. See post 196.
  16. SDCPs

    My Cephalotus

    Hello friends, I've been offering to trade for more cephs recently, and I thought I'd post a pic or two of my current cephalotus. They seem to be very hardy plants...and reasonably fast growers (let's just say I didn't expect it to grow so fast!)
  17. SDCPs

    D. gigantea

    I have a bunch of D. gigantea seeds I received in trade...I've always wanted to grow this species and it seems I actually have enough to experiment with! Right now is probably not the best time to sow them, of course. What would you guys do? How am I to stratify these, when, etc. Anybody grow...
  18. SDCPs

    Wanted: Cephalotus, D. Regia,

    Hello friends, I have 2 different s. flava var. rubricoporas to trade, one has location data the other does not. I have s. flava var. cuprea I have the other s. flava varieties besides autopurpurea I have the seeds listed here I have s. rubra varieties I may be able to take a s. rosea...
  19. SDCPs

    Tea, Anyone?

    Looking at this most excellent webpage, I learned that D. capensis leaves were used to make tea. What is the value of this tea? What other carnivorous plants have uses? I know Pinguicula leaves have been used to curdle milk, and Venus Flytrap bulbs are prized for their supposed medicinal...
  20. SDCPs

    HAVE: D. hartmeyerorum seeds!!!

    Hello friends, I've not been on very much, but I just have to share a few of these seeds I've been getting recently. I don't have very many to trade, since I want to grow more plants come spring :) So, I've 1 pack of 50 fresh seeds for trade. EDIT: Let's make that three packets of 20 seeds...