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  1. mikefallen13

    Mike's Nepenthes Photothread

    Hey guys, Here's a few things that are looking nice at the moment, everything is doing well in the new setup. The jungle by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. Tiveyi 'Sarawak Red' EP RC by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. jacquelineae PP SG by Mike Fallen, on Flickr N. veitchii (k) 'Gold Peristome' by Mike...
  2. mikefallen13

    Just a bit of an upgrade ;)

    So after filling the growtent in under a year, here's the new setup... 20180105_163737 by Mike Fallen, on Flickr It's nice to actually be able to see the plants without crawling inside an overgrown tent and having a 14" x 20" place to stand/crouch to work on plants. My goal is to contain my...
  3. mikefallen13

    RHH now ronchinii?

    Anybody know anything about this? Noticed it on CP Photofinder this morning but there's apparently no published literature or species discription to go with the botanical drawing. I know when new Nepenthes species are described there's usually a good bit of talk about it (or more accurately...
  4. mikefallen13

    Nepenthes truncata 'Pasian' or similar

    Hello! Title says it all. I've been searching quite a while for this form of truncata with no luck, apparently one retailer had them recently but I missed out. I had a large pasian trunc a long time ago that I traded to Mato, and I still regret the decision, as it was truly one of my favorite...
  5. mikefallen13

    Osmocote, showing some promising results!

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share the results of Osmocote fertilization on a nepenthes. I've long been skeptical of the effectiveness (and necessity) to fertilize nepenthes, I used Maxsea in the past with mixed results, some plants outright died or produced strange, mutated leaves while others...
  6. mikefallen13

    Nepenthes for trade

    Hey guys! I have the following plants currently available for trade. All plants have been with me for a while and are happily growing, all are pictured with a quarter for scale. Sorry for the glare in some of the pictures! Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail. My current wantslist can be...
  7. mikefallen13

    Mike's Highland Terrarium

    My addiction has returned. After quitting CP's (and plants in general) a few years back to put more effort into my other hobby, fish tanks, I decided a few months back that I wanted to get back into CP's (nepenthes in particular) and I've slowly been rebuilding my collection since. The main...
  8. mikefallen13

    Frosty attenboroughii

    Well, this goes to show why shipping plants this time of year can be rather treacherous (though I may have lucked out in this case). I won two SG attenboroughii on eBay, I got the tracking notification on Saturday and according to USPS these were supposed to arrive today. However, apparently the...
  9. mikefallen13

    Mike's Growlist

  10. mikefallen13

    Preventative for sarr rhizome rot?

    Hello, The title say it's all, I'm seeking info about any preventative measures I can take to protect my remaining sarrs from rhizome rot. Recently I've had a pretty bad outbreak which has claimed my favorite purpurea among others and I really don't want to lose anything else. So can anybody...
  11. mikefallen13

    Two of my favorites!

    Hey guys! I've always loved the slipper orchids and the long petaled Phragmepediums have been among my favorites. I'm lucky enough to have these two wonderful species in bloom for a little comparison! First, probably the most well known species. Phrag. caudatum, I have been through several...
  12. mikefallen13

    Humidifier suggestions?

    Hey guys, My old humidifier just quit on me and after making the rounds at my local home improvement stores it appears I'm going to have to order one online as most places only had the warm mist ones. I'm not looking to spend a fortune but obviously I don't want it to break in a week. Also, my...
  13. mikefallen13

    Mikefallen13's Bog Garden!

    Hey guys! After quitting the hobby a few years back, my withdrawals finally got the best of me! I finally got the yard in half-decent shape and decided rather than going back to growing nepenthes, I'd try my hand at Sarracenia. I always wanted to make a bog garden, and i figured now is as good...
  14. mikefallen13

    Pics of my two little Phyllocrania paradoxa

    I got these two little guys as tiny litttle nymphs and now that there about 1" long, I thought it was time for some pics! I also got lucky and ended up with a male and a female, so I might eventually end up with a lot of little ghost mantises. I have kept these two togather in a small aquarium...
  15. mikefallen13

    Looking for platychila, aristolociodes, lowii and vogelii

    I am trying to find these plants, especially platychila and aristo. If you have one for trade please take a look at my growlist and see if anything interests you. If so please send me a PM!
  16. mikefallen13

    Two more plants for trade

    I have two more plants for trade. I will post pics tomarrow. US only please! Darlingtonia californica, large plant with almost 10" pitchers. I already had a trade set up for this plant but it fell through. Sarracenia purpurea spp. Purpurea (District of muskosa, Canada) this is a huge multiple...
  17. mikefallen13

    Looking for live LFS

    I need some live LFS to topdress my nepenthes pots. I am really only looking for some which would do well year round indoors, no varieties which need cold temps to survive and preferably a kind which stays some what compact. If you have any that you would be willing to trade please PM me!
  18. mikefallen13

    Drosera roraimae for trade

    Well I ordered two plants and received about 5 plants so I'm looking to expand my collection rather than keep all of them. These are the Serra do Araca form from BCP and plants are about an inch across and an inch tall. Really looking for ascendens and villosa but I'm looking for any South...