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  1. nepenthes gracilis

    read it and weep!

    I wouldn't buy anything from ebay unless it was from a well known honest seller, there are PLENTY of places in the US to pick from with many variety's. I wouldn't waste my time buying seed when you can spend more and buy a SEED GROWN plant that you know what it looks like. More expensive but...
  2. nepenthes gracilis

    Its been awhile

    SWORDS you dog! Man here is a familar name! I'm sorry to hear about your father :(. I lost my grandpa in 2009, we were close so I know how that feels, my father took it pretty bad, but we heal everyday. I miss my neps the most but I dont have the time for them right at the moment. i will be...
  3. nepenthes gracilis

    Its been awhile

    Oh gosh no that growlist was last updated in 06 I think, I still have most of my sarracenia but really looking to get back this stuff, main reason I lost my stuff was because my mother had breast cancer and of course I had tunnel vision on her making it through it which she did with flying...
  4. nepenthes gracilis

    Its been awhile

    OMG its been a while! I've been so darned busy its not even funny, trying to make it in this world and enjoy life as much as I can. I got into a second hobby about 5 years ago collecting and restoring antique/vintage snowmobiles. I still have my CPs but have seriously downsized and mainly focus...
  5. nepenthes gracilis

    Uh Oh...

    Can you get access to a better camera for a better photograph?
  6. nepenthes gracilis

    Uh Oh...

    Looks like sooty mold which is usually harmless. You try wiping it off with a wet paper towel? Increase airflow to combat it if it is bothering you.
  7. nepenthes gracilis

    Am I crazy...?

    I would also cut the leaves in half to reduce water loss. Apparantly the root system was also damaged in addition to less than favorable conditions. Right now it is dessicated and needs all the moisture and warmth you can give it.
  8. nepenthes gracilis

    Mystery Diagnosis (Nep Edition)

    I second Orthenex, I've used it in the past with excellent results. Also may want to look into a fungicide, I agree with Tony, I see some other potential issues.
  9. nepenthes gracilis

    I have a truncata seedling

    I really should do a re introductory post since my absence! I hate going off topic here against my mod duties :nono:
  10. nepenthes gracilis

    I have a truncata seedling

    swords, whats up man, its been awhile huh?
  11. nepenthes gracilis

    I have a truncata seedling

    Since you are in that situation just standby for another week or so and see what happens. Nepenthes seed can be funny! Sometimes they germinate overnight almost and other times weeks on end until germination.
  12. nepenthes gracilis

    I have a truncata seedling

    Most likely LL truncata. Looking good, truncata is fairly slow species but given optimum conditions should move along nicely. Watch your moisture levels, don't want to be too wet now that they are growing, gradually start to wean them.
  13. nepenthes gracilis

    Happy ZombieJesus Day!

    The thread has been reported, I personally don't take offense to it. If another mod does then it will be handled.
  14. nepenthes gracilis

    Happy Birthday Crissytal, nepenthes gracilis and Muscipula

    Thanks to everyone! I had a great b-day even though most of my friends have went back to college and the military. Oh well, bars are now free game! haha Tony, know any good ones down your way? haah
  15. nepenthes gracilis

    Hey Suzie! Whats up? Yeah the big 21 today, I'm getting older, but not so fast yet! haha! I've...

    Hey Suzie! Whats up? Yeah the big 21 today, I'm getting older, but not so fast yet! haha! I've been so far out of contact here on terraforums, I feel bad, but I've been doing marvelous things! Like a new hobby! Vintage Snowmobiles, and it is a riot! I will never be out of CP's though...just so...
  16. nepenthes gracilis

    what is this?

    I fyou look smack dab in the middle of the second picture on the leaf looks like there is something there like a mite perhaps, or the fruiting body of something else. I vote for mites as well. Drier conditions merit mites populations to soar. I always had mites in the winter in the greenhouse.
  17. nepenthes gracilis

    *PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

    Yeah especially when some of the plants that were stolen were not only yours but someone elses. Namely some of my plants. :censor:
  18. nepenthes gracilis

    *PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

    Photo link http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113991 And Tony, pick up your phone!
  19. nepenthes gracilis

    Rust on Nepenthes?

    Why would you use neem oil? Neem is more geared for pest problems, specifically insect pests, not a fungus problem. I would lean more towards a fungicide like Clearys or even a generic soap to help bulk up the waxy layer on your plants leafs, if a plant has really thick cuticles or a wax layer...
  20. nepenthes gracilis

    Thoughts on over potting Neps

    Another point to make about pot size and type is: A squat pot will hold more water than a taller pot, therefore they should be avoided IE: bulbs pans or azalea type pots. Taller pots promote much better aeration and drainage, remember water goes from a source to a sink or a high to a low. So...